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Wireless Solution Providers

Consulting, RF Design and Market Studies
Wireless Lans


Cross Comunications, Inc
Wireless Solutions Developers
Unix & Networked Computing Solutions
Computer software package for driving alphanumeric pagers. This is a Windows-based, client/server designed, product that allows one to type in messages at their workstation and Technical folks to wireless-enable their favorite application through a variety of APIs.

Desktop Paging Software, Inc.
547 Amherst Street
Suite 402
Nashua, NH 03063
(603) 595-7500
(603) 595-4551 fax

VISION: Desktop Paging Software focuses on the development of specialized software to allow computer users to transmit text messages to alphanumeric pagers, notebook computers, and Personal Digital Assistants (PDA's).

Evtek Corporation Cleveland, OH
Alfie, pager software for MS-DOS, MS-Windows, Macintosh, pen computers
Ex Machina, Inc.
45 East 89th St, Suite 39A
New York, NY, 10128
718-832-5465 fax
Notify, alphanumeric pager software, Apple Newton terminal pen software
Fourth Wave Technologies
Troy, MI
WinBeep, MS-Windows alphanumeric pager software
KBA Inc.
256 Commerce Dr Suite 471 Dept SE
Peachtree City, GA 30269
Word Watch, pager wrist watch and base station
alphanumeric page service, PCMCIA pager
Notable Technologies Inc.- WEB PAGE
510/444-4493 (fax)

Vodafone Group Plc is a world leader in the provision of mobile telecommunications services, including cellular radio, wide area paging, packet radio and value added network services. It is the market leader in the United Kingdom, where it operates nationwide analogue and digital cellular networks. Worldwide, the group participates in mobile telecommunications services in 14 countries.
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Datmatic, Inc.

David Whitt & Associates
David Whitt & Associates, Inc. (DWA) is a South Florida based Systems Integrator specializing in Wireless Automated Data Collection Systems.

Software Corporation of America
Founded in 1981, Software Corporation of America (SCA) is a leading provider of application software products and communication development tools for wireless and landline connectivity between personal computers and mainframes, wide and local area networks, and other personal computers.

100 Prospect Street
Stamford, CT 06901
Phone: (203) 359-2773
Fax: (203) 359-3198
BBS: (203) 967-7205

Regus Airport Centre
Bessenveldstraat 25A
1831 Diegem (Brussels) Belgium

Phone: 011 32 (02) 716.48.95
Fax: 011 32 (02) 716.47.19
European Contact: Robert Marchese

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Anterior Technology
P.O. Box 1206
Menlo Park, CA 94026-1206
415-322-1753 fax
RadioMail, Internet, UUCP, CI$, ATT, etc mail gateway for pagers and packet radio networks, two way and one-way pager wireless WAN messaging and email service for RAM Mobile Data and Ardis
DLI DataLink International Inc.
DLI is a Systems Integrator and reseller of Mobitex services and hardware including Infowave Wireless Email (in Canada) and WyndMail Wireless Email (in the U.S.A.). WEB SITE
Clive Ross
Marketing Director.
DLI DataLink International Inc.

InfoWave is the most complete and affordable wireless messaging and information service in Canada. It provides you with advanced control over many modern communications options at anytime, from almost anywhere! With InfoWave your faxing, paging, messaging, and Internet electronic mail can be handled from your portable computer without the use of phone lines, 24 hours a day. You can benefit from the increase in efficiency and accessibility that InfoWave provides today!

GDT Softworks Incorporated - InfoWave Division
4664 Lougheed Highway, Suite #188
Burnaby, BC, Canada V5C 6B7

Phone: 1.800.INFOWAV (1.800.463.6928)
Local: 604.291.9121
Fax: 604.291.9689

OzEmail's MobileData service uses the MobileData network to provide you with access to an extensive range of Internet services including e-mail, Gopher, Telnet and FTP (file transfer). The MobileData service communicates with the OzEmail host via a wireless network of radio base stations.

OzEmail, Australia's leading Email & Internet service provider announces new wireless access to OzEmail with Telecom MobileData

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Intelligent Information Incorporated Intelligent Information Incorporated offers a range of information products for personal and business solutions to users of handheld, wireless devices. The company is a purveyor of "intelligent information" through its initial product lines that provide financial, news, weather and sports information updates and alerts. Intelligent Information Incorporated currently provides its products throughout the United States and internationally to reseller organizations and subscribers. These products are delivered over public networks including paging, two way radio and specialized mobile radio and can be received using an alphanumeric pager, a PCMCIA card with a personal digital assistant or a laptop/palmtop personal computer, and specialized two way devices.

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California Wireless

A design house that produces RF and IR market studies, designs, and products. Specializing in LAN RF(both spread spectrum and low power), and IrDA-compatible products.

Mike Cheponis
California Wireless, Inc.
4880 Stevens Creek Blvd. Suite 104A
San Jose, CA 95129
408/249-7300 (voice)
408/249-7301 (FAX) (Internet e-mail)

Comsearch is a leading provider of consulting, engineering services and software products to the wireless telecommunications industry. Backed by more than 25 years of direct industry experience. Comsearch offers unparalleled knowledge and expertise in mobile, microwave, satellite, PCS and other emerging communications technologies.

Please send inquiries about Comsearch and its expert communications software and services to

Lockard & White

L&W is a professional telecommunications engineering firm, headquartered in Houston, Texas, with a clientele that spans the globe. The firm's telecommunication projects range in size and complexity from small Vsat installations to complex country-wide systems involving microwave, mobile radio, data, fiber optic and telephone networks. In addition to providing detailed engineering and project management, the firm also provides various consulting activities such as feasibility studies, needs analysis, and regulatory affair coordination.


Netplans consultants are specialist in the tele- and datacommunications field. Besides advisory they participate in various standardizations works around the globe. This helps us keeping our knowledge updated at an international level. To the advisory this means that they are able to be in the lead, suggesting solutions which are aimed at the future. In their consultantcy they include a broard range of aspects, from technically advanced problems, over application utilization, to management of human ressources. Hence their consultants staff consists of highly skilled people with years of practical experience not only in the technical field but as well at the management level. This enables their consultants staff to give purposive, updated and valid assistance.

If you would like further informations on Netplan, its consultants, projects and references, please get in contact:

Netplan ApS
Att.: Mg. dir. Torben Rune
Ravnsbjergvej 7
DK-3400 Hillerød
Phone: +45 42 28 68 27
Fax: +45 42 28 73 60
e-mail: Internet:

PCN Professionals, Inc.

Telecommunications Engineers & Consultants
200 W. Belmont DR., Suite E
Allen, Texas 75002
Tel: (214) 396-1100
Fax: (214) 396-9442
Allen (Dallas) Texas, USA
Bruce Blais, President

PCN Professionals, Inc. develops operational support recommendations including billing systems, customer services center, service order entry, customer activation, operator services, and other customer services functions. For example, the billing system analysis evaluates available systems and recommends the most appropriate system for the specific application. Customer service center analysis recommends organizational structure, strategies, and policies for efficient operation. The operator services study provides similar information for operator services. RF ANALYSIS

Radio Design Group

Radio Design Group offers a wide variety of specialized RF, Digital, and Analog design services for the communications industry. Unlike many consulting firms who specialize in general circuit or digital and microprocessor design, we work primarily with component and system design for communications devices.

Radio Design Group
3810 Almar Road
Grants Pass, OR 97527-4550
Voice: (800) 343-9600
Voice: (503) 471-1100
FAX: (503) 471-3489

TD Communications Ltd.
TD Communications is a communications engineering company which provides Wireless, SCADA, AVLN and SATNAV systems engineering.

TD Communications provided advanced engineering solutions for demanding customers in the world's most challenging environments since 1969. For more information please contact:

Dean C. White, P.Eng.
(403) 274-4663
(403) 274-4666 Fax
TD Communications Ltd.
1007H-55th Avenue
Calgary, Alberta T2E 6W1

To send E-Mail:

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Software Partners

FreeStyle TM is a forms generator and data collection package for Magic
Cap. FreeStyle lets you create forms on-the-fly on the Magic Cap
device itself and view or collect data on the cards. FreeStyle takes
full advantage of the communication capabilities of Magic Cap to
transfer data to a destination computer. FreeStyle does not require
the use of any programming language or software development kit.

Christina Cordova
Software Partners
415.428.0160 x200

Click here to send email to Christina

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Wireless Lan Providers

Wireless InfoNet

Designs, installs, and maintains wireless WANs. They provide this service in the San Francisco Bay and Northern California areas.

Jack Unger - President
Wireless InfoNet (408) 335-2439

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Mobile Planet
Everything you can imagine from a leading supplier of mobile computing solutions
1-800-M-PLANET (800-675-2638).

TESSCO is a leading business-to-business supplier to the paging, cellular, mobile radio, and now personal communications services (PCS) industries. Founded in 1952, we began life as a manufacturers' representative, supplying customers with a wide variety of electronics equipment, particularly communications devices. In 1982, we narrowed our focus to wireless communications products and refounded our business as "TESSCO... Your Total Source®," delivering virtually everything needed to build, run, and maintain a wireless communications system

TESSCO Technologies Incorporated
34 Loveton Circle
Sparks, Maryland 21152-5100
phone 410-472-7000
fax 410-472-7575
Web View
Web View is a supplier specializing in wireless data products from Motorola: Marco, Envoy & Personal Messanger. Services from Ardis & Radio Mail.

WebView Wireless
444 Saratoga Ave #30F
Santa Clara, CA 95050
408.261.1501 Fax

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