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Wireless Technologies - Business development & Consulting 1/93 - present
Datamatic, inc.

Sales training and Executive Briefings. Providing high level technical briefing and sales presentations to Chief Executive Officers, Vice Presidents and managers. These sessions are designed to instruct and inform about the various aspects of the wireless mobile data industry. General briefings are given as an overview on the wireless industry , emerging technologies and productivity gains realized through use of the technology.

Technical training is provided to sales gave them a better understanding of the industry and the solutions provided by wireless products. Detailed training is also provided to give sales a broader understanding of the IBM mainframe, AS/400 environments, various transmission technologies; SDLC, TCP/IP, Token Ring, Ethernet as well as wireless technologies like Mobitex, Specialized Mobile Radio, Cellular Digital Packet Data and private systems.

Demonstrations and product presentations are given at various trade shows, to aid the sales effort and to provide answers to specific technical issues relevant to the potential customer. Participation at these shows allows the sales team to focus on selling rather than the technology itself.

Technical Consulting and Co-Ordination: Provide the technical expertise necessary to integrate traditional legacy systems with wireless mobile data systems. Bridged the unique customer configurations with standard products to prove the product capability for the next sales step. This requires co-ordination with local phone carriers, radio hardware providers, portable computer vendors, radio facilities, MIS departments and user interests.

Vendor Relationships: Establish strategic partner relationships to meet the specific needs of customers in the following areas; pen-based computers, notebook computers, mobile radio equipment and network services providers.

New Business Development - 11/91 - 1/93
Datamatic, Inc.

Research and Development: Provided research on emerging technologies by attending trade shows, seminars, training courses. Further investigation was completed by face-to-face customer surveys. This research was done to position Datamatic for entry into new lines of business. Technologies researched included; Pen-based computing, Document Imaging, Wireless Mobile computing, water conservation technology, voice technologies and CD-ROM publishing.

Introduced Datamatic to the world of Pen-based computing by establishing relationships with various manufacturers and potential markets. A major New York Utility installed the first Datamatic pen-based investigations product. The system allows users to access mainframe applications, enter drawings and make notations in the field. The system replaces a antiquated paper based system.

Worked with programmers and customer to develop a custom document imaging tool for field investigations at a large Los Angeles Utility. This document imaging system allowed supervisors to assign work from an intelligent database system which prioritized work based on specific criteria. After investigators had completed the work and entered the data, the form would be scanned into a hand character recognition system which would in turn put the captured data into the database.

Sale Presentations and Executive Briefings: Presentations were made to the CEO and Datamatic employees to educate about emerging technologies. Recommendations were made to management for product development and new lines of business. Presentations to end users served to inform and enlighten them about the technology and possible gains in productivity as a result of using the new systems.

Technical Consulting: Provided consulting to sales and end users in the use and implementation of these new technologies. Traveled to potential customers locations to educate and develop strategies on how this technology could improve productivity in their environment.

Contract Consultant 8/88 - 11/91
Business Integration Technologies, Inc.

Assignment - Datamatic, Inc. 2/91 - 11/91

Contracted with Datamatic to provide all phases of project management. Acted as liaison between the customer and engineering including resolving issues by jointly developing specifications with the end user. This assignment required managing several of Datamaticís customers, installing systems and scheduling training for end users.

Assignment - NCNB bank Texas 8/89 - 11/90

Instrumental in developing a PC based Balance Reporting System for NCNB bank. This system is made of four parts; the 3780 remote connection to the mainframe to down load raw data, the break down programs to reformat the data, the bulletin board system which allows bank customers to dial in and download reports and a voice response system which will verbally report balances. The system was written in 'C' and ran over a Novell network. Responsibilities included user requirements, coding and testing.

Assignment - Case Consulting 8/88 - 8/89

Developed enhancements and corrected problems on a computer-aided-systems engineering tool (CASE). The system was a tool for Department Of Defense contractors participating in computer integrated manufacturing, using structured design techniques developed by the Air Force known as IDEF. Customers included IBM, Martin Marietta, General Dynamics. The system was based on a series of linked lists which managed a network type database of both graphic and logical design information. This system incorporated both data and entity modeling techniques. Responsibilities included managing programmers, product development, customer support, coding testing and training, pre-sales presentations and on-site customer support.

Senior SE to Product Manager 7/84 - 8/88
J.D. Carreker and Associates

Responsible for all PC and PC to mainframe product research and development including; user requirements, analysis, design, coding, program integration and testing, installation and ongoing customer support. This initially required in-depth research to find the most efficient way for these PC products to be integrated into the mainframe domain currently supported by the J.D. Carreker float pricing product. Based on the research data, recommendations were made and vendors were selected. All development was done in 'C' and PC assembler. Other responsibilities include in house hardware and software consulting. Was awarded a $10,000 bonus for completion of the First Interstate Bank project months ahead of schedule.
SE to Senior SE - 2/83 to 7/84
Computer Language Research

Developed enhancements and performed routine maintenance on the Trial Balance Input System (TBI) under PL/1 on the mainframe. This system allowed CLR customers to make quick tax liability estimates based on general ledger information. The system was comprised of numerous large PL/1 programs and required the use of OS/JCL. I was then promoted to Senior Systems Engineer and moved to the newly formed PC group where I developed CLR's first user friendly data entry system written in 'C' and assembler.

B.S. Computer Science MaryCrest College, Davenport, Iowa
Graduated CUM LAUDE with G.P.A. 3.6

North Texas Speakers Association (passport),
American Seminar leaders Association - Certified Seminar Leader

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