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George Calhoun

President Wireless Division
Geotek Communications, Inc.
20 Craig Road
Montvale, New Jersey 07645
Fax: 201-930-9614
E-mail: gcalhoun@geotek.com

John E. Conrad

Sales Manager - Southeast Asia & Indochina
Motorola Radio Products Group - Asia Division
140 Sukhumvit Road, 1002 Pacific Place
Bangkok, Thailand
Tel: 662-254-5910
Fax: 662-254-5922

Specializing in economical two-way radio solutions for the developing and emerging countries in Southeast Asai and Indochina. Among the solutions offered are single site trunking systems, multi-featured repeater systems, base stations, data communications as well as a solid portfolio of walkie talkies and trunked radio subscribers.

Rich Down

WorldWide Wireless, Inc.
1236 Druid Knoll Drive
Atlanta, GA 30319 USA
1-404-320-1975 voice 1-4-4321-7703 fax

Engineering Consulting/Executive Search

Specializing in cellular, ESMR, PCS and wireless data engineering and marketing positions, contract and permanent. Client companies throughout the USA and the world.

Steve Eddleston

Mobile-Wireless Technologies Manager
Digital Equipment Corporation
40 Old Bolton Road
Stow, MA 01775

Email steve.eddleston@ogo.mts.dec.com
Phone (508)496-9857

For Digital's Multivendor Customer Services Division, exploring the adaptation of various wide-area (Radio Packet,CDPD,SMR,GSM etc) and LAN wireless technologies for use by our customers in solving their current business problems.

William A. Frezza

Bill obtained his BSEE and MSEE from M.I.T. He currently serves on the board of directors of Wynd Communications Corp., is Chairman of the wireless modem standards committee of the Portable Computer and Communications Association (PCCA) and writes a regular column on wireless computing for Network Computing and Interactive Age Magazines.

Wireless Computing Associates, Inc.
704 Stoney Hill Rd., Suite 155
Yardley, PA. 19067
E-mail - Frezza@radiomail.net
Phone - 215-321-0929
Fax - 215-321-0490

Scott Gordon

SBBS Software & Consulting, Inc. DBA SBBS Communications & Mobile Tel
444 Skokie Blvd. Suite #211
Wilmette, Illinois 60091
(708) 256-4600 Fax (708) 256-4488
E-Mail SGORDON@SBBS.NET - Automatic response SBBS@SBBS.NET

Provide cellular phones, pagers, long distance, calling cards, network installation, and wireless communication consulting as well as mobile computing.

Brian Hall

President & CEO
Mark/Space Softworks
111 West Saint John, 2nd Floor, San Jose, CA 95113

Publish the PageNOW! family of wireless messaging software. Demos can be found at our ftp site, AOL, CompuServe, etc.

Bennett Z. Kobb

Bennett Z. Kobb is a writer, consultant and researcher in wireless communications. bkobb@newsignals.com Author of Spectrum Guide: Radio Frequency Allocations in the United States this handy reference book surveys PCS, cellular, satellites, millimeter wave applications, unlicensed devices, wireless data, digital broadcasting, interactive video, military communications - and more. To official Federal data, it adds useful commentary along with subject and band indexes. The book includes the relevant International, U.S., Government and Non-Government Footnotes from the ITU, FCC and NTIA Regulations.

The Second Edition covers 331 VHF through EHF bands. The text includes updated information on the controversial spectrum allocation decisions facing the FCC and NTIA.

Spectrum Guide is for entrepreneurs, engineers, product planners and anyone who wants to own a piece of America's wireless revolution.

You can purchase the Spectrum Guide directly from the Publication Services Inc.

Mike Koebel

Director of Sales & Marketing
Mentor Engineering, Inc.
#503-609 14th St. NW
Calgary, AB
Canada,T2N 2A1

Mike has been pivotal in providing mobile data solutions for a wide range of industries since 1991.

Ullrich Lammert

Branch Manager
Telecommunication, Public Sector, Traffic Division
Neutorgraben 1b
D-90419 Nuremberg

Tel: +49-911-3788-0
Fax: +49-911-3788-100

debis Systemhaus has national and international experience in the field of communication technology and offers technological and strategic consultancy services as well as support in the development, integration, and use of complex system technology in the following areas:
Mobile Radio (GSM Mobile Station software, Infrastructure & Network Management)
Satellite Networks, Videotex , Network Management , Corporate Networks , Billing Systems , Administration Systems Control Systems , Sales Support

Bill Magee

Transtector Systems
PO Box 300
Hayden Lake, ID 83858
800 882 9110
Fax 208 762-6133
email magee@cyberspace.com
Lightning and Transient protection for the Wireless Communications Industry

Craig J. Mathias

Farpoint Group
7 Whippoorwill Lane, Ashland MA USA 01721
e-mail: farpoint@world.std.com
Phone: 508-881-6467;
FAX 508-881-8058

Farpoint Group provides advisory and systems-integration services for
manufacturers and users of wireless data networking technologies. Services
include technology analysis, strategy development, product specification,
product design, product marketing, program management, and
busines-process re-engineering. We are also involved in projects
concerning mobile computing, multimedia and online services, including
the Internet.

Paulito N. Mendoza

Senior Communications Specialist
Alliance Systems, Inc
One Pierce Place, Suite 100W
Itasca, IL 60143, USA
e-mail : paulito@prairienet.org
phone : (708) 773-8200
fax : (708) 775-1552

Specializing in the application of wireless technologies to a variety of customer solutions in the fields of transportation, field service & field sales.

Nathan J. Muller


Nathan Muller is an independent consultant in Huntsville, Alabama, specializing in advanced technology marketing and education.


In his 24 years of industry experience, he has held numerous technical and marketing positions with such companies as Control Data Corporation, Planning Research Corporation, Cable Wireless Communications, ITT Telecom and General DataComm Inc. He has an M.A. in Social and Organizational Behavior from George Washington University.


Muller has written extensively on many aspects of computers and communications, having published over 800 articles and nine books on such diverse topics as frame relay, the synchronous optical network, LAN interconnection, intelligent hubs, network management, document imaging and wireless data networking.

Muller is a regular contributor to the technical reports published by Datapro Information Services Group, one of The McGraw-Hill Companies, as well as Faulkner Technical Reports, and Auerbach's Data Communications Management and Information Management reports. He also writes frequently for Unisphere, an independent magazine for Unisys computer users. He is on the editorial board of the International Journal of Network Management published by John Wiley & Sons, Ltd. His many editorials on technology and management issues have appeared in Communications Week and Network World.

Consulting Services

Muller is available for a wide range of corporate publishing projects such as white papers, application-specific articles, editorials for executive byline, and electronic publishing on the World Wide Web. Muller also does competitive research and custom seminars for corporations. For human resources departments, Muller provides a unique service for outplaced employees who are considering self-employment in various technical fields.

Meir Niv

Data Air Technologies

Wireless data systems Software development:

Dat-Comm 2000 & WinDat 2000 2 way Radio Data Network Communications with File size up 1Mag. DatGps 2000 Gps Fleet Managment Integration with mapping.
Dispatch & Courier application software developments.

431 N. Sweetzer Ave
Los Angeles CA 90048
E-Mail - meir@netvoyage.net
Phone - (213)658 8602
Fax - (213)653 7681

Bala Pillai (Mr)

Sales/Turnkey Solutions/Recruitment
The Asia Pacific Internet Company
33 Victoria Avenue, Willoughby, Sydney, NSW 2000, Australia
e-mail: bala@durian.com
Phone: +61 2 417 8824

We pool together personnel and technology resources and lead turnkey
solutions for wireless projects through the bureaucratic minefields in Asia.
We are focussing on providing wireless Internet solutions. Given the low
quantity and quality of terrestrial lines in this region, this is a great
humanitarian and profitable proposition. Lead staff packages include equity.

Alexander Rapoport

Chief of wireless department
Hardware Engineer
55 Kuibisheva street, Ekaterinburg, Russia, 620144
e-mail: ra@parad.ru
phone: 7-3432-229-429

Expertise in all aspects of wireless LAN & MAN.
Designer of the HyperLAN (Wireless MAN)

Patrick Reilly

Gen. Mgr.
IsoQuantic Technologies, LLC
1857 W. Calle del Norte
Chandler, AZ 85224
fax: +1.602.917.9493
pager: +1.800.465.8620
email: preilly@isoquantic.com

Network Architecture, Design & Analysis | * methods of overload and congestion control in broadband networks, * algorithms for computing performance measures for complex stochastic systems, | * transient solutions to a general class of single server queues, * methods for design of cellular radio/wireless networks and their software architectures, | * algorithms for cellular radio dynamic resource allocation, * methods of telecommunications network topological design, and * techniques of telecommunications system simulation and modeling.

Robert Schaefer

Software Engineer
Sanders, a Lockheed Martin Company

Principal Software Engineer
POB 868, Nashua, NH 03061
(603) 885-7554

Communication Protocols, Real-Time, Embedded, HMI

Tuomo K. Stauffer

Systems Designer
Alliance Systems Inc.
One Pierce Place, Suite 100W
Itasca, IL 60143, USA
e-mail : 74214.755@compuserve.com
phone: (708) 773-8200
fax : (708) 775-1552

Wireless open message switches and routers, wireless and wireline workforce resource management, wireless applications, protocols and drivers, messaging system design, modeling and performance evaluations - single systems / networks.

Tim Schmidt, Principal

Encore Consulting Group, Inc.
102 Hamlin Court South
Longwood, FL 32750-4015
TEL: 407-291-0194
FAX: 407-548-2250
E-Mail: Tim_Schmidt_Encore@MSN.COM

Fieldforce and Wireless Consulting Services for the Corporate and Vendor Communities

Andrew M. Seybold

Andrew is a consultant and advisor in mobile communications, editor and chirf of two industry newsletters and author of the book "Using Wireless Communications In Business"

Email - aseybold@radiomail.net
Phone - 408-338-7806
Voice - 408-338-7701

Blair Shellenberg

Computer Automated Dispatching Systems (CAD)
InStep Mobile Communications
805 West Broadway, Suite 1001
(604) 872-7116
(800) 900-7116
(604) 872-7125 Fax

InStep's Computer Automated Dispatching systems are the most technologically advanced products available with a full range of features to offer a complete solution for automating the dispatch of any size fleet.

Marko I. Silventoinen

Research Engineer

GSM System Engineer
PO Box 45, FIN-00211 HELSINKI, Finland
email: marko.silventoinen@research.nokia.com
phone: +358 0 4376 6245
Experienced with mobile communications since 1990, GSM since 1991. MSc E.E degree 1993

C-K Toh

PhD Research in Multi-Media Wireless Networks
Cambridge University Computer Laboratory
New Museums Site, Pembroke Street, Cambridge CB2 3QG.
e-mail - Chai-Keong.Toh@cl.cam.ac.uk
Please see Cambridge Mobile SIG WWW Page

Enrico "Rico" Vaccaro

Principal Developer
UnWired Software Development
14 Abilene Lane, Manlapan, NJ 07726
e-mail: EVaccaro@radiomail.net
fax: (908)577-0124

Mobitex development and consultation. Macintosh/Windows development.

Thomas D. Vetterani

President, Vircom, Inc. (Virtual Communications)
1028 Saunders Lane
West Chester, PA 19380-4281
(610) 918-1200 Voice
(610) 918-0800 Fax

Mr. Vetterani is president of Vircom, Inc., a leading provider of wireless data solutions to business professionals and Fortune 1000 companies throughout North America. Vircom has relationships with 146 wireless and cellular providers throughout the U.S., and provides total turn-key solutions to companies planning a mobilization initiative. Mr. Vetterani provides consulting assistance to corporations looking to re-engineer the workplace.

Jeff Zivick

Engineering Manager - Data Products
Ericsson Inc.
Private Radio Systems

1 Mountain View Road, Lynchburg, Virginia 24502

Expertise in wide area,digital trunked land mobile radio systems with
an emphasis on wide area mobile data communications.