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William A. Frezza

Bill obtained his BSEE and MSEE from M.I.T. He currently serves on the board of directors of Wynd Communications Corp., is Chairman of the wireless modem standards committee of the Portable Computer and Communications Association (PCCA) and writes a regular column on wireless computing for Network Computing and Interactive Age Magazines.

Wireless Computing Associates, Inc.
704 Stoney Hill Rd., Suite 155
Yardley, PA. 19067
E-mail - Frezza@radiomail.net
Phone - 215-321-0929
Fax - 215-321-0490

Andrew M. Seybold

Andrew is a consultant and advisor in mobile communications, editor and chirf of two industry newsletters and author of the book "Using Wireless Communications In Business"

Email - aseybold@radiomail.net
Phone - 408-338-7806
Voice - 408-338-7701