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A picture of truck with machine.

The Bridgeport Series II CNC arrived from Ohio around lunchtime on Monday, November 11th.

A picture of truck with machine and large chunk of steel.

The truck driver was on his way to Houston. My mill weighs in at about 4500 pounds - nothing compared to the big solid chuck of steel toward the rear. 29000 pounds!

Construction Forklift

I decided to rent a 3 ton forklift for the day to remove my machine from the flatbed trailer.

Ready for the garage

The Series II CNC is a bit tall to clear the doorframe of my garage. I will have to remove a few pieces from the top of the head and then scoot it carefully into it's new home. I'll have adequate clearance once inside.

Not bad for a 20 year old machinetool.

Really in pretty good shape for a mill over 20 years old. The control and motors should still be in working order. I'll just have to wait and see.

The spindle controls

The spindle is fitted with a quick change tool system. It doesn't appear to be Kwik-Switch however.

Collet holder

This is a toolholder left in the spindle when it arrived. It has been determined to be Erickson #30 Quick Change tooling.

Top Vari-Drive removed

After removing the covers and pulleys, etc., the machine is still too tall to clear the door. How do you go about removing that annoying electric motor?

Greasy mess inside.

...and where is all this greasy mess coming from? It has even found its way down into the motor.

Top half of head outta here.

Well... I decided to remove the top half of the head. It came off more easily than I suspected. This allows for the motor to be taken off completely and cleaned up a bit more thoroughly.

No clearance problem now.

Now the clearance under the door frame is no longer a problem. I just have to scoot it in there. Hmmmnn.

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