BJY2K+1 The Odyssey

Philmont Scout Ranch – Cimarron, New Mexico

October 17-21, 2001



Day 1


Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5




The author hard(ly) at work


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The further adventures of Jerry and Bill and their eleven compatriots as they set off on their second quest of eternal youth in the wilds of Philmont Scout Ranch. Recorded as it happened, embellished as the author sees fit, it’s the saga of thirteen intrepid scouters as they venture forth from the comfort of their civilized Texas lives to the wilds of northern New Mexico.


As before, your journalist chooses to write in a style befitting his limited academic credentials and to reiterate that all times referred to in the following pages are, as before and forever, ad nauseam, or maybe perpetuity, in Dallas Standard Time (DST). Also, these writings are only intended for the entertainment and/or amusement of the readers and are not intended to demean or bring discredit to the Boy Scouts of America (BSA).


I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it.


The Crew: (In no particular order)


Scott “I can top that comment” Wallick 

Bill “Have I got a story for you…that you’ve heard ten times before.” Stiles

Robert “I’m fine, quit asking!” Divelbiss

Clay “Of course I packed a Dutch oven. Why wouldn’t I?!”  Harvey

John “Get me some more pine cones, if you want coffee.” McCollum

Sam “I got me a little special tea, if ya need a nip.” Ward

Jerry “I’m in charge here. Now where’d everybody go?!” Perkins

Eldon “I’m tellin’ ya we’re right here. Never mind what the map says.” Gordon

John “Did you write that down? Well, how ‘bout this?!” Dougherty

Andy “Country roads, take me home…” Zajaczkowski

Scott “I’ve got the dominoes, somebody find a place to play.” Dillard

Ron “Geez, that poked me right in the &%$*#, oh, and I win!” Wood

Bill “I got it all right here, so be careful whatcha say!” Bliss



We were in good hands with “we aren’t Rangers, we’re guides!” Nancy and Kim.



Nancy has a degree in Criminology and Kim a degree in Journalism.  Had a crime wave broken out, (and Ron may have started one with his domino play!), Nancy could have resolved the problem and Kim could have reported it for the local paper.


Note: You can click on any picture to see a larger version!