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The mission of RCC's Management Services Group...

Is to facilitate change in your company using the lessons that have been learned over the years by doing the same thing for others. RCC's experience has been earned through fifteen years of counseling the owners and managers of businesses all over the world. Increasing your company's REVENUES and EARNINGS is our mission. An important publication is offered below about how YOU can do this.

The emergence of Electronic Commerce is creating a way for any business to expand its markets quickly and inexpensively.

Electronic Commerce Could Multiply Your Sales

The Internet is rapidly becoming a force for change in your industry that could dramatically change the way that your business competes. Five million new "pages" of products and services were added to the Internet in the first six months of 1995. Many of them by your competitors. No single development in our 15 years of management consulting promises to improve a firm's sales like the Internet.

Edmund Jensen, president and chief executive officer of Visa International the credit card people, has launched Visa's presence on the Internet. Mr. Jensen recently stated that the Internet is a "...potential multibillion dollar market".

Should your business have an Internet presence? If so, what should it contain? How is this achieved? What should be your expectations of activity? How will access to international consumers affect your firm's capabilities in distribution, finance, and customer support? How will you monitor results? How will you get paid?

These issues, along with many more, are all part of dealing with the strategic questions that electronic commerce raises. There is no doubt that thousands of firms will see their sales multiply from Internet transactions. Perhaps your company needs to have an Internet sales capability too.

Our Management Services Group has written an important report called Virtual Growth Opportunities. Its findings and conclusions will excite you. It was developed from our recent work that resulted in large revenue increases that clients of our firm obtained from Internet sales. You may order it by clicking here on Send Me the Report.

Electronic Commerce is an issue that you need to understand. We are here to help you do this.

If you want state of-the-art insights into ways to increase revenue through Virtual Growth Opportunities that exist now, then click here for More Information

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