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How YOU Can Find Private Capital Here

The Private Investors Network (PIN) is an innovative, proven program that introduces emerging growth companies to investors in a confidential, selective, and timely manner. Investors who part of PIN provide both equity capital and loans. PIN is part of a non-profit economic development organization that is trying to fill some of the role that commercial banks formerly played in business capital formation.

PINs objective is to match ventures with investors. Investors like PIN because it increases their deal flow of promising ventures. PIN also saves investors valuable time. Since we preview each request, investors only see opportunities that match their areas of interest.

Business ventures that are listed on PIN range from early stage to established companies. They include both manufacturing and service firms.

Investors who participate in PIN include high net worth individuals, venture capital firms, and corporations with an interest in joint ventures and acquisitions.

The Private Investors Network may be the best chance that you will have to find the much needed capital for your business. The PIN charges no underwriting or completion fees. You will work directly with the investors who are found to match your ventures purpose.

Please request our specially prepared information package by telling us how to reach you at Private Investors Network.

We look forward to hearing from you today.

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