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The W.E.L.S. is short for Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod.  A synod is a group of churches that join together to support one another in the work of gospel ministry.  The W.E.L.S. was founded in 1850 by a group of German immigrants in Milwaukee, WI. 

In the last 150 years, the W.E.L.S. has grown to become the third-largest Lutheran church body in the United States.  It is a church body of over 400,000 members that supports 1,200 churches throughout North America.  These congregations also pool their financial resources to support missionaries in 60 different countries throughout the world.  These mission offerings are helping to support Victory of the Lamb as it gets started.

For the WELS mission statement, click here.

Recent growth in WELS

Did you  know that WELS has had

  • 33% increase in World Mission fields
  • 100% increase in World Mission membership
  • 300% more nationals training for Gospel ministry in their native countries
  • 70 new Home Missions in 3 years. Victory of the Lamb is one of these 70 missions.