Version 2.2 February 6,1996
A Multi-threaded FTP Client Application
(c) Copyright 1995,1996

FTP-It! is a multi-threaded, bi-directional, concurrent file transfer application designed for OS/2 2.x and 3.x. It has been designed to provide the maximum benefit for both the beginner, as well as the expert FTP user.
What's New in Version 2.2
  1. Our email address has changed. Please send questions and support requests to
  2. Two new pushbuttons on the Local and Remote Host windows for a fast directory change to the parent directory (..) or the initial directory (/)
  3. Progress window title changed to indicate the related remote window
  4. All Remote dialog titles can be customized in Local Settings notebook Options page to contain hostname,alias,userid or a combination of these
  5. SITE/QUOTE command window added
  6. Mouse-clicks supported on unparsed filelist view
  7. Added bytes/second display to Progress window
  8. ChDir menuitem added to popup menu on filelist box when unparsed view is selected
  9. Position and size of Sendfile, Command, Message, Progress and Logon windows saved
  10. Logon section of Local Settings Notebook defines default logon parameters only
  11. Hosts section of Local Settings Notebook allows definition of and changes to Logon parameters for hosts of the user's choice
  12. Hostname aliases can be used. Logon parameters associated with the aliases are specified in the Hosts section of Local Settings Notebook
  13. Quick-connect list of user-selected names added to Connect menu. Names are added and removed from the list on the Hosts page of the Local Settings Notebook. Use popup menu or 'Change' pushbutton.
  14. Options page of Local Settings Notebook contains a 'use email address for default password' checkbox and radio buttons for changing the Remote dialog titles
  15. Separate file transfer confirmation settings for Ascii and Binary
  16. Pushbuttons added to the File Browser window for quick scrolling through the selected files, and for deleting files after viewing them
  17. Passwords stored in the INI file are now masked
  18. New option on Transfer page of Local Host Settings Notebook to preserve a remote file's date, and time when possible, on a download


  1. Progress window not destroyed after file transfer completion
  2. Time estimate improvements with erratic line response
  3. Some host messages not appearing in Messages window
  4. Handling PCFTP, NeoLogic and some other interesting FTP servers
  5. Lost remote host window following file transfer completion
  6. Loss of registration data across multiple systems and OS/2 reinstalls(Yes, you won't have to call BMT after re-installing OS/2 anymore)
  7. Unable to restore Messages window under certain conditions
  8. Remote window covers up Local window at startup
  9. Not always filling Logon window fields with saved options
  10. Not always filling Logon window fields with default options when a never-before used hostname is specified
  11. File transfer posted to wrong remote thread with many connections to the same host

Features List

Some of the key features of FTP-It! are as follows:

  1. Multiple windows, one for Local host and one for each remote FTP Site.
  2. Multi-threaded operation.
  3. Each host executes on it's own thread, allowing interaction with all hosts simultaneously.
  4. Concurrent file transfers in both directions(Put and Get).
  5. Remote Host message log
  6. Hot keys for most functions.
  7. Settings notebook for each host system.
  8. Byte count, time estimate and progress bar during file transfer.
  9. RFC 959, 1123 and 1579 specifications of File Transfer Protocol (FTP).
  10. Multiple file select for transfer.
  11. Drag and Drop file transfer, delete and local file print.
  12. Mixture of binary and ascii files allowed in transfer.
  13. Fast Browse of text files received.
  14. Remote directory cache to improve performance of both the local user and the FTP Servers by not having to perform directory commands each time a user changes directories to a directory previously viewed and unchanged by the user.

System Requirements

  1. OS/2 2.x or 3.x
  2. VROBJ.DLL - VX-Rexx(TM) Runtime DLL included in this package.
  3. TCP access via local lan or dialup.
  4. FTP-It! package.

FTP-It! is (c) 1995,1996 by Douglas B. Brown, Jr.

Until registered, FTP-It! is shareware and is fully-functional for a 14 day evaluation period.

No warranty of any kind can be given for damage caused through FTP-It! directly or indirectly or any other way.

OS/2 is trademark of International Business Machines Corp.

VX-REXX is trademark of Watcom International Corp.

Kerry Mercer