Welcome to my personal home page gallery. This is a collection of things that are of interest to me and links to other sites. I expect to continuously modify and update this site so feel free to check back as often as you like.

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My favorite personal site:

My favorite business site:

Sailing on to a listing of links that I have accumulated in my travels that may be of assistance in creating web pages for both commercial and personal use:


The Most Complete Collection of Downloadable Software on the Web.

More software is available from Process Software (Windows 95 only).

Check out the Consumate Winsock Apps List for software downloads.

It all started with The Father of Shareware for PC and Mac.

HTML Authoring

Interactive Introduction to HTML and CGI Scripts

Netscape Communications Corporation-Creating Net Sites

A Comprehensive Index of HTML Resources and References

Definitions, Descriptions and Tutorials for HTML Applications

'C' for Unix and Applescript for Mac Shareware CGI's

An excellent quick reference guide is the HTML Cheat Sheet

Images and Icons

CSC Image Library

The Icon Browser

Icons & Images Collections

Realm Graphics

Take a look at some of these sites if you're interested in electronic commerce:

On-line Transactions

Secured Server for on-line transactions by Anacom Communications, Inc.

Merchant accounts and verification from Wells Fargo Bank .

Advertising and Site Registration

The A1 Index of WWW Promotion & Search home page..

Enter your URL at Submit It! for multiple postings.

Enter your URL again at Web Announce for more postings.

Astrological graphics sitings at The Web Nebulae .

Search engines can be like train engines that pull you further into the web, but without them you couldn't get any place very fast. Here are some of the best search engines available on the web.

Yahoo! - Search Yahoo! from this site by typing in key words.

Lycos - The Catalog of the Internet.

Webcrawler - This newcomer produces bigtime.

Starting Point - MetaSearch enables you to search the Web's most extensive databases using one central search resource.

Enter search keyword(s):

This Shanti Bithi Wisteria is from The Online Bonsai Icon Collection . This is a collection of photographs of various types of bonsai that can be downloaded and used royalty free.

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