Jay Beavers, District Superintendent

Great Ministries in this District

One thing that has struck me since becoming the District Superintendent of the Weatherford District is the tremendous ministries you are doing in this area of God's church. And these are not just in the larger churches, but in the smaller churches as well.

Doing the Charge Conferences last Fall helped me see some of these ministries first hand and right off the bat. I want to mention just a few here to let you see what is happening around your District.

You have heard the children's/youth choir from Jean. Need I say more about these youngsters from one of our smallest churches? Outstanding!!!!

At Strawn we have a special ministry for challenged citizens sponsored by Palo Pinto Challenge and housed at the church. These wonderful children of God produce Hale Center Salsa. Through a city/state grant they now have a new facility next to the church for this outstanding ministry. This church also provides Meals on Wheels for almost 40 people every week.

Central Mineral Wells has a Kids for Christ program on Wednesdays for children in the neighborhood that includes food, fellowship, and Bible Study.

First UMC Cleburne has just approved the construction of a new pavilion that will be available to the community as well as house the new Scouting program and a dedicated area for their Youth Ministry.

I have told most of you in your Charge Conference about little Blum UMC where their attendance has more than doubled by including the neighborhood children in their ministry. Every Sunday morning the church provides breakfast for these children. Other ministries for the children include them in all aspects of the church's life.

Ranger UMC has expanded its Food Bank through enrollment in the food distribution from Abilene and is now the largest food distribution center in the county. Ask Elizabeth about some of their successes.

These are only a few. I wish I had room to tell about all you are doing. I will from time to time.



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