Updated 21 MAR 08

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Here's a dated, wide shot of the operating position in Houston (Fort Payne update coming soon).  The computers were linked together (I forget why) using a Win98/2000/XP peer network.  They're used for take-home work from work, web surfing, packet, PSK and logging.  Oddly, the network almost never craters, which is hard to believe considering it's a Microsoft product that I configured myself (inventing a few really ugly words in the process).  Not pictured is the large fire extinguisher kept handy during testing of infrequent (but deadly) construction projects.

The photo at the far right is an updated shot showing the HF portion of the operating position.  An LDG Electronics AT-11 automatic antenna tuner tunes the 20m dipole on other bands. Although it can't be seen in the photos, an Icom AH-4 autotuner and 88-ft dipole have been added to facilitate 80 and 60m operations.

Here's the former VHF/UHF/packet gear (right).  I don't do too much packet work these days -- nothing like the good ol' days of unconnected 12-person roundtables in the mid-80s.  Near as I can tell, large-scale unconnected chat was a Houston phenomenon. Well, there are still a few diehards up on 145.03 to talk to, but that's about it.  Seems the Internet has killed off most interest in packet around here these days.  It's hard to imagine why (hmmm ... should I download something at 1.2 kbps using packet or 1.5 mbps over the Internet?).