Sermon Tapes
Each week's sermons are audio taped and available for shipping.                 Just specify which week you would like to order and if it is                                    morning or evening service.

Send your Name, Address, Telephone Number, the number of tapes                              you would like to order and a $5.00 donation per tape to:

Word Of Love Christian Center
P.O. Box 54325
Hurst, TX 76054

Please include a "ship to" address if it is different than your own.                                                        Allow 3-4 weeks for shipping and delivery.

Single tapes are $5.00* Our Two Tape Albums are $10.00*
The Gift Exchange
Reasons Why People Have Poverty
All is Well
Grace or Gossip
What Are You Paying Attention To?
The Leading of the Holy Spirit
Godís Healing Report
The Truth About Halloween
Gifts and Callings
Requirements to move with God.
Rapture and Tribulation
Love, Acceptance and Forgiveness
Fasting and Prayer
Two Kinds of Tongues
Is There A Set Time To Die?
Keeping Filled Up
Our Four Tape Albums are $20.00* Our Six Tape Albums $30.00*
Marriage Godís Way
Tabernacle of David
Divine Prosperity
Get Your House In Order
The Blood Covenant
The Absalom Spirit

Ten Tape Albums are $50.00* Our Fourteen Tape Albums are $60.00*
The Pastorís Office
Gifts of the Holy Spirit

*Includes shipping and handling
Our Bookstore offers books by Pastor Ronnie Moore such as:
The Blood Covenant
Supernatural Guidance
The Desires of Your Heart
Health and Healing Promises
Godís Manifest Presence

We have everything you need and if you donít find it, our Bookstore Staff will order it for you, no extra charge.

We also periodically mark all or part of the books and tapes down, as much as 20%-25% off. Come in and visit, browse, and stay for our services.

Word Of Love Christian Center
P.O. Box 54325
1860 Precinct Line Road
Hurst, TX 76054
(817) 485-LOVE (5683)