Welcome to the Yohman's little corner on the 'Net!

     A lot has changed for us since my last update (it's been way too long). We're currently back in the States living in San Angelo once again. We decided to bite the bullet this time and we bought our first house! We're pretty pleased with it and now we're in the process of making it ours. If it would stop raining long enough we could get that new paint on before winter. We spent a few weeks in Denver relaxing with Deb's family as well as getting her Dad's house ready to sell.

     Deb's back to work at her old job with Shannon Clinic. I guess something things don't change. She has gotten back into the swing of transcription and likes the job. When she's not working she's heavily into her quilting. She's made some great ones so far and has a small group of friends that meet regularly to exchange ideas and enjoy each other's company.

     Jasmine jumped right into school with both feet. Although she had already finished the 6th grade in Australia, she went back for the last six weeks before the summer. Now she's in 7th grade and made the leap to Jr. High. Of course she's an A/B student with hopes of getting all of her grades above a "B". I'm sure she'll have no problem with that. She had her first Girls Choir recital a short time ago and really likes to sing. Fortunately for all concerned she's a good singer!

     Mikhail had also finished his grade before we left Australia (they both actually had almost 10 weeks of the next grade) but he managed to get a very long summer. The local school wouldn't take him for a variety of reasons (redistricting, house location, ad nauseum) so he got to stay in the cramped temporary quarters all day long. Needless to say, I don't think he would consider it a highlight. He's excited about his school here and Building Trades is one of his favorite classes. Maybe he can build us a new house soon!

     Cruise by here often to get an update on the Yohman family. As always, you can e-mail us.