Welcome to the Yohman's Aussie Album

     Here are a few pictures from our trip to Australia. It also includes some snaps around town as well as our new house.

Sand Dunes
This was in Arizona and there were a lot of motorcycles and dune buggies!

Vacation Bungalow
This is Dick's Condo at the Welk Resort just outside of San Diego.

Universal Studios
This is us at the entrance to Universal Studios Hollywood.

Hard Rock Guitar
The large Stratocaster in front of the Hard Rock Cafe

Wild Animal Kingdom
This is new the main entrance to the Wild Animal Kingdom in San Diego.

Chargin' Rhino!
Deb, Jazz, and Mikhail hanging on the subdued rhino.

Did somebody say something? Can you stop talking so loud?

Sleeping Animal
They told us you should never disturb sleeping animals.
Bird man
It was odd to see a parrot teaching a man to speak!

Toward the end of the tour we ran into some lost relatives.

San Diego Harbor
San Diego Harbor from Coronado Island.

Boat Ride in San Diego
Riding the ferry across the harbor.

Tall Ship
Here we are in front of a ship anchored in San Diego.

Bike Ride
Jasmine and Papa take a bike ride by the harbor.

Beach Bums!
Hanging out at the beach.

Sand Boy
We tried to torture him but he just kept following us.

Brenda and Richard
Brenda and Richard relaxing at the beach.

Family in Sydney
Our only picture in Sydney. The weather was terrible that day!

Shepard Jasmine
Jasmine in her much heralded shepard costume.

Year 3 Certificate
Jasmine receiving her Year 3 Certificate.

Kids and Santa
The Det kids rolling Santa for his loot.

Jasmine and Santa
Jasmine getting her gift from Santa.

Night sparklers on Christmas Eve.
Christmas Day
Jasmine and Mikhail opening their gifts Christmas morning.

Here's where Bill works! YEA!

Flowing River near Det
And they say the river never flows. Yea right!

Town North
The view from Anzac hill to the north.

Town Southwest
The view from Anzac hill to the southwest.

Town South
The view from Anzac hill to the south. That's Simpson's Gap in the distance.

Town Southeast 1
The view from Anzac hill to the southeast. Most of downtown.

Town Southeast 2
The view from Anzac hill further to the southeast.

Town Anzac Oval
This is Anzac oval. A lot of events are held here.

Town East
The view from Anzac hill to the east.

Detachment and RSL Club
A view of the Det and the RSL club. Norheast of Anzac hill.

Front of House 1
The front of our house.

Front of House 2
Another photo of the front.

Front Yard
Our front yard with indigenous plants.

Master Bedroom
The master suite. That's a lot of bed but the room's still big.

Lounge 1
Our livingroom (lounge in Aussie parlance).

Lounge 2
Another view of the living room.

The kitchen.

Jasmine's Room
Jasmine's room. Cleaned for our benefit!

The nice covered patio outback. The party lights are very useful.

Back Yard 1
Here's a shot of our back yard. We have grapes, limes, mangos and chilis.

Back Yard 2
Another shot of the backyard.

Our large grape vines. They are a bit tart but should be better next years.

Parrot in Grapes
I'm just below the "Hello" box and these grapes are lovely!

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