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PAZ Software develops specialty scientific software solutions for Mac OS
Although the software is specifically for MacOS, all input and output (data and graphics files) are cross-platform (i.e. compatible with Mac, Windows, Unix, etc.). PAZ software applications were developed for geological, biostratigraphic and earth science needs, however, they are often purchased and used for a broad range of applications in other disciplines.

Pierre A. Zippi , 7518 Twin Oaks Court , Garland, Texas 75044

Biostratigraphic databases and services, such as data analysis, paleo data digitization, charting and large format printing are available at:

Paleontology sample preparation services are available at:

Counter 3.5 and WellPlot 3.5 provide data acquisition, quality control, data analysis, visualization and presentation capabilities. This is an excellent software solution for biostratigraphers. Clients comments and suggestions for features and improvements are often very quickly implemented.

Other applications:
Age/Depth Charts (with built-in timescales), Diversity Calculator, DigitizePICT, LookUp, LithologyColumn, StratChart, LAS-DataSampler 2.0, DipMeter 1.0, LogPlot 3.0, ShawPlot 1.0, TabToHTMLTable, GPDToSpread, StratabugsToSpread, GEOSCI-To-Spread, MapProjection; MergeSpreadsheets; see details below. 

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Product descriptions and prices updated: March 5, 2003

Featured items:
WellPlot 3.5 is a stratigraphic data analysis and charting application that plots multiple categories (up to 600 columns) against depth or sequence of samples. Data is read directly from spreadsheets. Sums, percentage and concentration data may be calculated and saved. Plot types include: multi-track x-y line plots (log style), butterfly diagrams, bar charts (log style), interval histogram range charts, range-through charts, percent events plots and cumulative data plots. The Y-axis (depth) can be scaled to depth or sequential samples. The X-axis can be normal (arithmetic) or LOG scale, and absolute or normalized. Exaggeration may be applied to low abundance groups. The charts can be scaled to any horizontal and vertical dimensions. Wall-size charts to page-size charts. Sort categories by first occurrence, last occurrence, alphabetically, by maxima, by species codes or as originally entered. Use WellPlot to plot all types of well data e.g. geochemical or petrological. WellPlot is updated often. Current owners should contact about eligibility for a free update. See detailed description for many new features. New lightning fast data loading! 

Counter 3.5 is data acquisition and quality control software that emulates a manual counter. Users report that the speech feedback and other features allow a 4X increase in the number of samples counted. The built in quality control ensures the best balance between statistical validity and the time taken to collect the data. Spreadsheet-like functions include: Add, insert, and delete both samples and categories; Edit counts for any category in any sample at any time; Edit any category or sample name at any time. Other functions: Add or subtract counts by 1 or 10 counts per click; Distinct audible sounds for add and subtract; user defined Interval alert (audible tone); A histogram of any sample may be viewed and printed and a growth chart is drawn for the active sample. Multiply counts above a cut-off; With speech installed, Counter will speak the category name as it is tallied. See detailed description.

Software Descriptions:
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WellPlot 3.5
Recently updated!
New lightning fast data loading!
New find features
New data filters
Stratigraphic range charting and analysis software application that reads data directly from spreadsheets to create numerous range charts, log charts, or bar charts of multiple columns (up to 600 columns of data). Many stratigraphic analysis features. Interact with database information using LookUp 1.0; Analyze events with RASC and Age/DepthPlot. Edit data directly!
New: Calculate percent data for any selected set of taxa. Pick new events with cap lock down+click. Filter data with age-depth events file. Sort by top or base age via age depth filter. New find feature allows you to add categories to the found set. Plot abundance values on curve or bart charts 
Counter 3.5: MacOS Data acquisition (and quality control) software that emulates a manual counter. Count up to 250 categories per file. Many spreadsheet-like functions. Histograms, data growth charts, etc. Speaks category names for audio feedback of counts. Improves data quality and speeds acquisition.
MiniCounter 1.0: MacOS Data acquisition software. MiniCounter is a limited version of Counter 3.0 that tracks only 10 categories in one sample.
ShawPlot 1.05: MacOS Graphic correlation: Cross plot common events between 2 wells and plot graphic correlation diagrams. Use optimum scaled sequence (from RC-RASC) as standard section.
RC-RASC 1.02: MacOS Finds the optimum sequence of ranked and scaled events from multiple files of taxa events. Use ShawPlot to cross plot events against optimum scaled sequence. 
LookUp 1.05: MacOS Provides for interaction between WellPlot and stratigraphic databases via look-up tables. Multiple species copied from a range chart may be looked up allowing for interactive analysis of species distributions. Built-in geologic time scale (SEPM, 1995, Gradstein and Ogg, 1996).
Age/Depth 1.07:MacOS Plot event depth against geologic age of event. Built-in geologic time scales (SEPM, 1995, Gradstein and Ogg, 1996). Graphic correlation-like. Interactive "lines of correlation". Edit data: depth, FAD, LAD, etc.
This product is no longer for sale. Age-depth analysis service is available from
Diversity Calculator 4.0: MacOS
New version!
Calculate ten common diversity indices and total abundance from spreadsheet data.
Dipmeter 2.0: MacOS Tadpole, SCAT, Schmidt, bottlebrush and cumulative plots of dip magnitude and direction.
RDA 1.0: (CALL 972-496-3642)
Dip Interpretation for Windows & NT
DigitizePICT 1.0: New! MacOS Quickly digitize data points from graphic images, especially useful for digitizing geologic logs.
LogPlot 4.0: New upgrade! MacOS Very flexible! Plot large e-log data files. Ten curves by 12,000 points. Can be customized for larger files. Comes with LAS-DataSampler. New: Lightning fast data loading!  New: Interactive curve editing, curve merging, multi-curve lithology interpretation. New: Environmental borehole corrections!
LAS-DataSampler 2.5: MacOS Convert and optionally sub-sample large LAS and ASCII data files at specified intervals. Choose the curves and interval to save. This creates a smaller, more manageable data file, so that most Mac/PC software can read and plot the data. Very handy for LAS e-log data!
LithologyColumn 1.0: MacOS Create stratigraphic lithology columns from text information. Use age or depth scales. Automatic gamma ray log response generated from grainsize information. Auto-color and auto-pattern by grainsize!
StratChart 1.7: MacOS Create multi-column stratigraphic charts from text information. Use age or depth scales. Reads interval name, top and base. Takes the tedium out of creating stratigraphic columns and time charts. Edit and save data.
SequenceStratColumn 1.0: MacOS Create sequence stratigraphic diagrams from text information. Requires special sequence stratigraphic data (see description link).
DataReporter 2.0: MacOS Reads spreadsheet data and saves a list of the non-zero categories and their values for each row of data, suitable for incorporation into printed reports. Free with Counter or WellPlot package.
MergeSpreadsheets 1.0: New! MacOS Merge two spreadsheets into one without duplicating column categories. It reads two tab-delimited ASCII spreadsheet data files and saves a single tab-delimited ASCII spreadsheet data file with merged columns.
Ternary Plot 4.0: Newly upgraded!
Windows version available soon 
(Call 972-496-3642 or email)
Normalize and plot three components on a triangular diagram. New interface, totally re-written! Edit data!
Plus, 3 bivariate plots, statistics, standard deviation hexagons, projection outside the system, more...
Vector Rose 3.0:  Newly upgraded!
Rose and flight bearing diagrams and statistics for circular-normal data. Includes Watson's U2 test.
Watson U2 test: MacOS Test whether 2 samples of circular-normal data differ significantly.
Measure 2.0: MacOS Measure images and create scales for digital images.
GeoRefGrabber 1.5: New! MacOS Convert GeoRefú references saved as ASCII TEXT files to tab-delimited TEXT files. The resulting converted references may be imported to databases or mail merge applications.
PalynodataTableMaker 1.0: New! MacOS Converts unwieldy Palynodata references and taxa list to tab-delimited ASCII text files. The resulting tab-delimited text files may be imported into spreadsheets, databases or mail merge applications. 
Greatly increases the usefulness of this large stratigraphic database.
ClipboardToFile: MacOS Quickly save clipboard contents as a PICT file.
TabToHTMLTable: MacOS Quickly convert tab-delimited lists (spreadsheet lists) to HTML Tables.
DSDPtoSpread 1.0: MacOS Converts DSDP paleontology data to tab-delimited ASCII TEXT files, that may be used with any spreadsheet, statistics and plotting applications on any platform. See DSDP Paleo data conversion announcement.
GPDToSpread: (was NAPDToSpread)
Quickly convert North American Fossil Pollen Data (NAPD) fossil ASCII, World Pollen Database ASCII and Tilia 2.0 data files to tab-delimited spreadsheet files. Volumes of published data freely available at NDGC.
Free with WellPlot.
TILIA1.12ToSpread: MacOS Quickly convert older Tilia 1.12 ASCII data files to tab-delimited spreadsheet files. NAPDToSpread will convert Tilia 2.0 files to spreadsheets. 
Free with WellPlot.
BUGINToSpread: MacOS Convert BUGIN ASCII data files to spreadsheets. 
Free with WellPlot.
StrataBugsToSpread: MacOS Convert Stratabugs data files to spreadsheets. 
Free with WellPlot.
GEOSCI-To-Spread: MacOS Convert GEOSCI data files to spreadsheets. 
Free with WellPlot.
MapProjections: MacOS Plots latitude and longitude data as points, polygons, lines and vectors from ASCII data input. Utilizes various map projections and scaling. Beta version.
CounterPC: DOS Point counting software for DOS computers. Put that old DOS machine to good use. Text files are compatible across all computer platforms.

Interested in the work process? 
The link below shows how to use all of these applications to analyze data and make a presentation? 

Integrated Biostratigraphical Workstation for the Macintosh Computer System

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Pierre A. Zippi 
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