Author of "Cat's And Their Astrological Playground."

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Spiritual Counselor

Cosmic Zee
Soul Portraits - In Pastels


    Available for business and personal parties. Click here to see some of the costume's.


Readings from 11:a.m. to 6:p.m. on the following days
Saturday & Sunday  At Vikon Village. (Jupiter
 at Kingsley)  Booth # 1128 across from "Little Egypt". 
Dallas, Texas.
to 6 P.M.


 About the Reader:

    JoeAnn uses ancient sciences of Numerology, Tarot, Astrology and Cosmic Law as focal points to lend a realistic approach to exploring your questions.  Her experience and reputation for the past twenty years as well as being recognized in the "Dallas Morning News", qualifies her amongst Dallas' best readers.  As a seer and a seeker, she provides a caring atmosphere to review choices as they are presented in the reading. 

What is a Soul Portrait?

    Through out time many people have been known to have the gift of "seeing"; being able to tap into universal energy and bring it into focus using a medium such as cards or crystals.

    In a Soul Portrait, the "seer" is tuning into an imprint of the person's soul essence --  the "I Am" which we call "God essence" within us all.  JoeAnn, a natural seer, uses chalk pastels to draw the essence of your soul impression as she intuits it.  She begins by having you draw a card.  This, she uses as a focus point of origin for a glimpse into the window of your soul.


Dr. Universe

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