My Quarterhorse Caesar

My Quarterhorse Caesar

First Looks:

This picture was taken when Caesar and I first met. We went riding that day and liked each other right off. Unfortunately Caesar wasn't able to come home with me for a couple months, but Caesar was worth the wait.

Standing Proud:

Actually Caesar is his nickname, his real name is "Pennzoil Man" but Caesar seems more appropriate. He was born on July 1, 1982. I've never measured him but I would guess he's stands about 15 hands.

Ready To Ride:

Caesar and I just before a ride. He's a great horse, very gentle and good-natured.

Favorite Picture:

This is my favorite picture of Caesar. We have been through a lot over the years. He is a very proud horse, he has taught me much more then I have taught him.

Best Friends:

Caesar has never cared much for dogs and usually chases them off the property. For some reason Caesar liked this cat, and the cat really seemed to like him.

Quick Picture:

This was a hard picture to get. I had to set the camera on a fence post with a 5 second timer, then hurry over to Caesar and get him calmed down before the camera went off.