Hiking & Camping

Hiking & Camping

Cooling Off:

Caesar cooling off, for some reason he loves to stomp in water. Unfortunately he usually gets more water on me than himself.


This picture was taken during an early morning ride at the Grasslands. I camped overnight so I could get an early start riding the next morning. The LBJ Grasslands is great place for camping, hiking, and horseback riding. The only thing I don't like about the park is that the terrain is basically flat. Not really much of a challenge for hiking, but the horses like it that way.


My campsite on a recent trip to the Grasslands, the park has a nice trail for horseback riding as well as many trails for hiking.

Nearby Park:

Taking a break during a ride. This picture was taken in a very small park not far from my house. It has a small lake, which is a good place for fishing and duck hunting. It also has lots of tall grass, which Caesar always volunteers to mow when we go there.

A Tired Scooby:

The next morning, poor Scooby had a rough night. He's such a trooper, even with his short legs, he still keeps up when we go hiking.

Another Park:

If you're ever up for a real challenge, try being outside in a park and getting three Basset Hounds and a Labrador to sit still for a picture.

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Hiking & Camping Links

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