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A challenging position as a software developer that utilizes my skills and experiences.

Texas Parks and Wildlife: Texas License Connection Application Development	

	Successfully developed Texas Parks and Wildlife TLC hunting and fishing license application.  Primary developer on 2 developer team.  Application now used throughout the state of Texas to sell hunting and fishing licenses from sporting goods stores, Wal-Mart stores and many others.  Developed for the Hypercom ICE 5500 terminal.

Nationwide Flood Research Institute, Inc.:  Transaction Interface Web Application Development	

	Successfully developed web interface to allow transaction message exchange between Nationwide Flood Research Institute, Inc. and Determination Processing Services, Inc.  Interfaced with MySQL databases hosted on Linux Servers and Microsoft Access databases hosted on Windows 2000 Servers.   The proof of concept application was unique in that it was developed entirely in ASP script and run through an Internet Explorer browser window.  The final release was then quickly ported from ASP into a VB desktop application.

HIPAA-Compliant Eligibility Verification System	

	Successfully developed HIPAA-Compliant Eligibility Verification software application used by insurance providers throughout the state of Delaware.  Based on an existing software application for state of Pennsylvania that was successfully maintained and updated on a continuing basis.  Completed application deployed on approximately 1000 terminals in doctor's offices in Delaware.

Atrana Low-Level Libraries Development	

	Successfully developed full set of low-level hardware libraries for VeriFone TXO/Verix and Hypercom terminals.  Primary developer in ongoing project to update and enhance internal low-level libraries.  These libraries greatly increased application development speed and are now being used as the foundation for the PAYWAVE system now being used throughout the country.

Advantix Media	Grapevine, TX
Web Developer	07/2006 to 10/2006
w	Restructured and improved existing company internet web pages used as part of "pay per click" internet web search advertising campaigns used to help track web traffic and sales leads.
w	Wrote, designed and produced internet web sites and performed updates to existing web pages using PC-based tools including Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2005, Microsoft Office 2003 - Microsoft FrontPage 2003, Microsoft Word 2003, and Microsoft Visual SourceSafe.