Laboratory Activity: Separating Heterogeneous

and Homogeneous Mixtures

Mixtures can be separated by using physical properties which include, but are not limited, to color, size, density, mass, and solubility. The objective of this lab is to separate the heterogeneous mixture into a homogeneous mixture and other substances and then separate the homogeneous mixture into two compounds, one of which is water. The procedure developed and followed by the lab group to accomplish the objective of this laboratory activity will be written using Inspiration ® , a graphic organizer, and turned in for a grade.

With your lab partners for this activity, plan and write down how to do the two separations. Try the procedure in the assigned lab area for the group. If needed, make changes in the procedure and try to do the separations with the modified procedure. The final procedure is the one that will be shown using the graphic organizer.

Available materials:


Evaporating dish

Watch glass

Ring stand

Iron ring

Hot plate

100 mL or 150 mL Beaker

Filter paper


Wash bottle containing water

Stirring rod


  1. Separate the blue or green homogeneous mixture from rest of the substances in the heterogeneous mixture.
  2. Recover a green and/or dark brown solid from the homogeneous mixture.
  3. Clean up the equipment and lab area used by the group.
  4. Show the procedure used by using the graphic organizer.


  1. One person in the group shows the homogeneous mixture to the teacher. 20% of the grade
  2. One person in the group shows the green and/or dark brown solid to the teacher. 20% of the grade
  3. Follow safety rules and leave clean equipment and a clean lab area. 10% of the grade
  4. Turn in a copy of the procedure written by using the graphic organizer. 50% of the grade

© Sally A. Urquhart, 2003

(Teacher notes available upon request.)