Monitoring Temperature with a CBL

The Texas Instruments (TI) CBL and CBL2 can be used to monitor temperature with the use of a temperature probe connected to the unit by utilizing a program called "CHEMBIO" that is actually stored on the TI 83 Plus graphing calculator.

Procedure: The following instructions are to be whenever temperature is monitored with a CBL or CBL2.

Setting up the CBL (CBL2) Unit:

  1. Connect the temperature probe to the CBL or CBL2 at the port marked "CH 1" (channel 1).
  2. Turn the CBL unit ON. (This step is not needed with the CBL2.)
  3. Connect the CBL/CBL2 unit to the 83 Plus graphing calculator with the black link cord. The link cord plugs into the bottom of the calculator and the CBL/CBL2 unit. An error message will appear on the screen while setting up the temperature probe if this is not done correctly.
  4. Use "STAT PLOT" and set up plot 1. Plot 1 uses "L1" for the x-axis and "L2" for the y-axis. Turn on the plot.
  5. Part II will involve temperature reading for water in a beaker that is being heated by a hot plate.

Setting Up the Temperature Probe - Part I

  1. Use [ON] to turn on the calculator.
  2. Press [PROG] and to scroll down to "CHEMBIO" using the down arrow key. Press [ENTER].
  3. On the screen of the calculator will appear "progCHEMBIO". Press [ENTER] again.
  4. The calculator screen will now read





    FOR THE TI-83

    6/9/00 (or later date) [ENTER]

    Press [ENTER].

  5. The screen will read "***MAIN MENU***. "1: SET UP PROBES" should be highlighted. Press [ENTER].
  6. "ENTER THE NUMBER OF PROBES:" will be on the screen. Press "1" and [ENTER].
  7. On the "SELECT PROBES" menu, leave the cursor on "1: TEMPERATURE". Press [ENTER].
  8. Enter the channel number at the cursor - in this case "1". Press [ENTER].
  9. The screen will again read "***MAIN MENU***. Scroll down to "2:COLLECT DATA". Press [ENTER].
  10. The "DATA COLLECTION" screen will appear. Leave the cursor on "1:MONITOR INPUT" and press [ENTER].
  11. Monitor the temperature on the screen of the calculator. Press [+] to stop monitoring.

    Part II - Place the temperature probe in the beaker filled with water

  12. The screen will again read "***MAIN MENU***. Scroll down to "2:COLLECT DATA". Press [ENTER].
  13. The "DATA COLLECTION" screen will reappear. This time choose "TIME GRAPH" from the "DATA COLLECTION" menu. Enter "5" as the time between samples, in seconds. Enter enter "60" as the number of samples.
  14. **CONTINUE?** will appear at the top of the next screen. Press "1: USE TIME SETUP" if the correct values have been entered. ) If not, choose "2: MODIFY SETUP" and reenter the correct values.) Press [ENTER].
  15. Enter "0" as the minimum temperature (Ymin). Enter "100" as the maximum temperature (Ymax). Enter "5" as the the termperature increment (Yscl). The experiment length in seconds with appear at the bottom of the screen. Press [ENTER].
  16. Press [ENTER] when you are ready to collect data.
  17. At the end of the time period, a list will appear showing which lists were used for data collection. Press [ENTER].
  18. A graph will appear. To clear the graph off the screen, press [2ND] and [MODE] together
  19. The screen will be blank.
  20. Turn off the calculator. (Turn off the CBL unit by pressing [2nd][OFF]. The CBL2 unit will automatically turn off.)
  21. Disconnect the temperature probe, CBL/CBL2 unit, and the 83 Plus calculator. Return the equipment to the front desk.