Extra Credit Project - Periodic Table

Pre-AP Chemistry

General Information

I. Research and write a paper or make a power point presentation on the one of the following subjects. A paper is to be between three and five pages typed and double spaced including illustrations. A power point presentation is to contain between five and seven slides.

Topics - Choose one of the following.

  • atomic radii and ionic radii
  • ionization energy
  • electron affinity
  • electronegativity
  • reactivity
  • a chemical family or area on the periodic table

    Make sure to include each of the following items whether writing a paper or making a power point presentation.

  • Define the topic.
  • Define any terms needed to describe trends on the periodic table or family properties for the topic.
  • Make at least one illustration to show any trends on the periodic table for the topics. For a family of elements, show major characteristics of the family. Photocopied illustrations out of a text book will not receive any credit.
  • Show how the topic is related to the placement of elements on the periodic table.
  • Write a bibliography showing the resources and/or references used.

    II. Design a valid periodic table. To be valid, the families and periods must be kept together.

    Grading for the periodic table:

  • Valid periodic table - 2 point
  • Creativity - up to 8 points

    Possible Internet Resources

    Virtual Elements         http://www.chemsoc.org/viselements/pages/periodic_table.html

    WebElements             http://www.webelements.com/webelements/scholar/index.html

    ChemCom                 http://www.whfreeman.com/chemcom/

    When using a search engine, type in "periodic table" or periodic law".

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