Bob Knowlton

Maker of Fine Sawdust



ABC box.jpg (46890 bytes)    Block box.  The letters and borders are painted and glued on separately, with mitered edges for a nice fit. 

traybox.jpg (29394 bytes)   Walnut jewelry box.  Removable tray, mortised lock, lots of fancy hardware. 6h x 8-1/2x16-1/2. 

Chest.jpg (30253 bytes)  Sugar chest.  In black walnut salvaged from Kansas City Power and Light's 1990 remodeling. 

Lacewood.jpg (45345 bytes)  Lacewood box.  A gorgeous wood.  5" h x 12"x 8." 

Glasstop box.jpg (21888 bytes)  Glass top box.  The box sides are quarter-inch oak with box joints.

toolbox.jpg (17858 bytes)  Tool box.  Pine, 13-1/2" h x 22" x 11."  

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