Bob Knowlton

Maker of Fine Sawdust



Cradle.jpg (32216 bytes)  

Rocking cradle.  A gift to my friend Jenny for Matthew, then Zoe.  

chessboard.jpg (31275 bytes)  Chess board. 18x 18. Soft maple, wenge and walnut. The chess pieces are prototypes.

Pens.jpg (52977 bytes)   Pens. I'll bet I've made a hundred of these things.  

Walnut bowl.jpg (62251 bytes)  Segmented walnut bowl.  Made from segments glued into rings. You glue the rings into a stack, then turn the bowl-shaped stack on a lathe. It takes a while, but you end up with a great-looking bowl from a relatively small amount of scrap stock.

Oak bowl.jpg (29159 bytes)  Oak bowl. Turned from green wood newly cut from a tree cut down in the Bellaire Methodist Church expansion. Notice how the bowl dried in an oval shape.

Bronto.jpg (32149 bytes)  Brontosaur.  I think it's called a Diplodocus now. His head, tail, and feet move as he rolls along, fierce but herbivorous. 25" long.

Trex2.jpg (16674 bytes)  T. Rex.  His arms and legs move and his jaws open and close as he terrorizes Tokyo. 10-1/2" h.

Nuts and bolts.jpg (12344 bytes)  Nuts and bolts.  My neighbor Phil and I ran across the Beall Wood Threading Tool at a woodworking show and formed a joint venture; we quickly became awash in threaded parts.

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