t2.jpg (21526 bytes) Every man who has an interest in cars at one time in his life wanted a 1923 T Bucket roadster. I'm no exception. The car can be shown off at rallies or just taken out for a fun evening at the drive in.
Ever since my first go-cart at age twelve, auto racing has become a part of my life as both a spectator and a driver. I've attended several Indy 500's, NASCAR, and Grand Prix events. As a driver, my rides have included go-carts, stock cars, super modifieds and sprint cars. The sprint car pictured here is a 600cc mini sprint that is crewed by my son, Sean and his step-brother Jason. img005.jpg (32819 bytes)
image000.jpg (347607 bytes) Presenting the powered parachute, the latest toy in the collection! And yes, it does fly. In fact it's absolutely a blast. I built it from scratch in the garage and have flown it out of pastures and airports. Since bulding this one, I've designed and built several others.
Last but not least, there's music. Music has been the mainstay of my special interests since I learned to play the steel guitar at age six. Then came the saxaphone and keyboards. I maintain this room in my home solely for the purpose of practicing, recording and enjoying my music. Occasionaly I play professionaly for groups and at dinner clubs. Presently I'm producing my own CD and look forward to playing more music in the future. image020.jpg (284680 bytes)

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