Deficits, the National Debt, and Economic Growth: What many politicians don't want you to know.
Debt is the wrong enemy.  Growth is our forgotten friend.
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Thanks go out to the following people for inspiring and helping me.


People Who've Helped Me
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The folks who assembled Iconolog, from whom I got just about every icon used in this site.

Larry Hunter, the Chief Economist at Empower America, who knows the subject of growth economics inside and out.

Jon Lee, who encouraged me in 1986 to start writing stuff down on paper (...we didn't know about the World Wide Web back then).

Dr. Rick Boettger, who wrote the book that sent me down a new path, made me realize that my country isn't doing such a bad job after all, and gave me some good ideas about how to start fighting back against the demagoguery of the "debt phobes."

George Gilder, Julian Simon, Nathan Rosenberg, Jane Jacobs, and Paul Pilzer, who wrote books I found extremely difficult to put down.

Steve Forbes, for being unafraid to talk about growth whenever the word "deficit" comes up.

Jack Kemp, for the same reason.

Paul Romer, the emerging expert on growth economics (and future Nobel prize winner?).

Friends and acquaintances I met in sci.econ, who helped me forge my viewpoint over the last couple years -- including B. Burkart, David Lloyd-Jones, Mason Clark, William F. Hummel, Jim Blair, Mark Patrick Witte, Ed Flaherty, Michael Hodges, Jim Glass, and Gus Rabson.


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