Welcome to this site, where I explain my NEW physics theory that destroys all previous physics theories and replaces them with one simple theory. In addition there were other (new) mathematical discoveries as side results from this theory. I, for all theoretical purposes, demolished the current immaculate mathematical theory and its current applications, especially in physics, in more ways than one.


Who was first in physics from 585 B.C. to present. The readers might be a bit surprised as to what is herein. Many are unknown, some are given credit when they were not the first, and credit given or implied to others, i.e., Cerenkov Radiation, AC generator was not Tesla, and the infamous angular momentum of the electron, h/2Π was not Bohr. ANYONE WHO HAS CORRECTIONS OR ADDITIONS PLEASE NOTIFY ME.

There are also what I call FUN PAPERS which are satires of the current scientific establishment. The first one is actually the first chapter in my book disguised in non-scientific lingo.

The SIDE PAPERS contain a few short versions of some of the major discoveries that I made. The full proofs are in my book. Other papers of importance, especially the one on "the scientific method"[1.] and the paper [2.] following.

Next is my "reward" called EASY MONEY II which has a very few of my discoveries (pro and con) that no one has been able to collect on. Maybe you can be the first one to collect the $2,000.00 per item as listed.

Next is a new section titled "FALSITIES IN CURRENT THEORY" in .doc format, and in .pdf format.

Next are a few selected ARTICLES that were from the results of all of my works and experiences in life.

Next is my GOODBYE RELATIVITY - HELLO REALITY that contains the scattered out part of my works (some on this site) into one mini-book on the falsity of the Theory of Relativity.

Lastly, you can help me find some long missing scientific items that have been removed from references, lost with time, or about which very little is known. Also a request for help on some questions I cannot answer or do not know how to do the mathematics required.

I hope that you will browse through these works. If you have any comments or wish to point out errata, please


There is only one automobile made and it is a Ford* Model T. It is the ONLY car made using the approved scientific theory. It can only be designed (math, geometry {dimensionless points}, etc.) by that which is voted on (Systems International values) by the scientists. The Units of Measurement are: INCHES-POUNDS-Seconds. No limits, or infinitely small or infinitely large values exist.

Now I (Horace Dodge) came up with a new theory that I can make a NEW CAR. I create the metric system and my UOM are gm-cm-sec. I also believe (I know really) that I do not have to use current point mathematics, but Segmatics (quantum {finite} values within LIMITS).

I design my car using cm, grams and my "cylinders" are not circles but hexagons. My wheels are not circles but multisegmented polygons**, comprised of billions of small segments, on the circumference etc. I build my NEW CAR. It goes faster, gets more gas mileage etc. than the Ford one.

I then write SCIENCE and NATURE (and too many others to list) that I have this new car and try to convince yet more others that I have it. They won't believe me.

What they say is: Then if you have this new DODGE car, then put its parts IN THE OLD FORD car and make it work and then we will believe you. IMPOSSIBLE. Hexagon pistons won’t work (leakage) in FORD’s round cylinders.

They will not come see my new car run because they do not want to believe it can be built in the first place (Wright brothers déjà vu) so therefore, I don't have it, and we are not going to go look at something that does not exist. Those who do, still won’t believe what they see (read) with their own eyes

We will not confirm your new discoveries (and put ourselves out of our jobs and destroy our most cherished beliefs) which CONFLICT with the current establishment ones.

* Henry Ford used metric inches (1/100ths).

** Real world tires, under old or new theory, circumference are composed of cones or the tips of the atoms comprising the molecules. The imaginary line joining those tips is the segments I am referring to.

A new theory is a new theory and is not used to reinforce the old theory. That only makes it the "old" theory. What the scientists are really doing (grasping for a straw) is: If your new theory reinforces my beliefs, I will believe in it. If it destroys my beliefs I will refuse it. That’s it!

This theory is not yet complete or is it meant to be inclusive. It only lays the groundwork from which it can be expanded. It will be up to others to provide the missing pieces and/or to add onto and into that which is applicable. The practical and additional theoretical applications of this theory will likewise have to be left to others. I have gone as far as I can. To those in the future who will carry on this work, I wish you God speed and success.

WHAT IS MY THEORY? My theory is very simple. I can describe it in one word: LIMITS. I need to re-define a word I use due to limitations of the Latin language. A quanta is some fixed multiple of a/the quantum. A penny is a quantum. The dollar is a quanta = 100 pennies. A $5.00 bill (five dollars spoken, plural) is 5 quanta. To expand this follows. There are limits to measurement, not necessarily existence. That is why I call it: Quantum - Quanta Theory. Quanta is the maximum multiple permitted for the quantum. There may or may not be values smaller below the quantum, but there are none above the quanta. The ratio (difference) between them (quanta/quantum) is identical between all of the values. (2.25 exact x 1023)

The values here are those of mass, length, area, volume, and time, at least under current theory (one missing). Values under the quantum that exist cannot be measured, only calculated (logical speculation). There are no values (singular) over the quanta such as the mass of the proton (the largest single stable particle). A neutron is then one quanta + n quantum masses {$1.01}. The one {1} second of time is a quanta. 60 quanta seconds (multiples) are called a minute, etc.

Therefore, it takes a new mathematics to apply this theory. I have named it SEGMATICS, or the usage of finite segments. No more continuous time, dimensionless point(s) and current pi whatever. That alone destroys Relativity! Likewise, QM, QED; incorrect interpretation/application of the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle {not alone on that one}, ad nauseam.

The title of my book as its seventh revision is: QUANTUM - QUANTA UNIVERSAL PHYSICS * * * THE THEORY OF THE UNIVERSE in SEGMATICS, first edition. It has over 1100 pages of text and supporting documentation and is profusely illustrated. The index is an additional 378 pages and is cross-indexed for many subjects making for easy reference. Due to some of the pages are scans, they did not reproduce in PDF and are not legible, but the main text is OK.

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  1. Cover and Frontispiece

  2. Quotations and Theory

  3. Opening

  4. Volume 1

  5. Volume 2

  6. Index

  7. About the Author


  1. Gustav Mie set forth light effects due to reflection, scattering etc., generically, the Mie Effect. But, there is one effect not found in references etc. that for want of a better name, the lighthouse effect. When the weather conditions are right, like low clouds, fog, fine rain etc. the beam from a searchlight or lighthouse beacon will have a phantom beam of light opposite to the outgoing beam or as if the light was shining 180 degrees backward. Its intensity varies, but is around one-half so is quite visible. If the beam is rotating, then the reverse beam sweeps around likewise so that for one rotation one sees the original beam and then a second beam when the light has rotated 180 degrees. Does this effect have a specific name? The next question is: Are there any equations that prove this effect?

  2. Maxwell’s gas equation (modified) in/for which all the gas molecules have the identical speed?

  3. For a polyhedron whose perimeter length is 2.25 x 1023 (assume each segment is 1 unit of length) whose surface is composed of equilateral triangle(s) each of whose sides is that unit of 1 length, what are the following:

  1. How many equilateral triangle(s) compose this surface? (Should be an even number.)

  2. IF I am correct, this will be another perfect solid composed of a fixed whole number of tetrahedrons. How many are there in the volume?