Standing in front of you is a very large, red, mahogany door. Emblazoned above this ancient relic are the words "DO NOT ENTER" written in an ancient script. A symbol of fire is etched in blood at the left of the door and at the right a terrifyingly life-like demon rears its hideously scarred head with grotesquely deformed horns. As you reach out to grasp the worn ornate handle of the massive door a deep, booming voice is heard, "None who enter here live to tell the tale". Your mind races through horrid images of mutilated bodies as you contemplate all of those who have passed though this entrance seeking fame and fortune, never to be seen again. Your grasp falters upon the latch as the thought frantically scampers across your troubled mind: "I don't have to go in there, I could turn back, I could live."

    A. Do you turn back like a trembling coward, fleeing in panic from a simple doorway? Turn to page #2

    B. Do you continue through the menacing portal to seek your fame and fortune from where no one has returned before? Turn to page #3

Ben Warmus