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As you walk carefully toward the light, your heart begins to race. You feel as though something terrible, horrible, dreaded, (did we mention really bad?) will happen to you. And hey, you're right! As the light shines all around you, you see a man..or is that a boy standing in front of you with a huge grin upon his face. He reminds you of Zaphod Beeblebrox. He has a strange rock hanging around his neck and is wearing the trade mark silk shirt with short sleeves. You scream as he introduces himself as Ben Warmus!!!! Suddenley he grabs you and forces you to a table and hands you a pen..."Write in my book!!!!" comes from his mummy-like voice over and over again. And so, you spend the rest of your life writing in a book full of stories that people with no lives wrote in; and of course, read!