There were many side effects of M'leryne being born on the Ethereal plane. a few of which are still unknown. Her genetic background is both human and elf, but she spent 9 of her 10 developing months on the Ethereal plane. This has made her a dual natured being. She is both of our world and of another world. Some of the known side effects of her birth and early childhood are listed here.

Being born on a plane where nothing is substantial has affected the very structure of her body. As a result, physical objects do not interact with her the way they do us. She can not touch or be touched by any metal. This is both good and bad. Sharp metal weapons will cut into her cloths and pass right though her, leaving her undamaged. But, she also can not wear most jewelry and has trouble with many everyday items such as silverware and goblets. Wearing gloves does help but even non metal items give her problems. The strange way in witch she interacts with the mater in this world makes physical contact uncomfortable for her, as a result she does not wear boots or shoes. She also spends excessive amounts of money on clothes to make sure she gets the softest cloth.

Wile on the Ethereal plane her physical body and mental powers regenerate at an astonishing rate. This is one of the reasons she was able to survive on her own for so long.

Her metabolism is cold blooded. She combats this with a ring that protects her form cold. She dose however still get hot and has to wear light clothing.

Her physical body only ages when she is on the Ethereal plane. This gives her the looks of a 12-year-old human with Elvin features despite the fact that she is 50.