The boy awoke to the sound of wood chopping in the distance. He could remember very little of the day before, but he got the vague impression that he was searching for some one. A plain brown sack fell out of his lap when he stood to go. He seemed to remember that the sack was important, but he could not remember seeing a sack like this before. With only a momentís hesitation he picked up the sack and set off to find the source of the chopping sound. As he went he took stock of his situation out loud. "I don't know where I am. I have never seen trees like this before, and there are no trails within sight. The sun is almost directly overhead so I don't know what direction I'm going. It was almost winter where I was and here it is very hot. I have nothing but this sack ,which appears to be empty, and the rather hot clothes I'm wearing". He had just started feeling proud of himself for calmly thinking things through when a voice nearly startled him out of his boots.

"Do young boys often talk to them selves these days? It has been so long since I have herd a voice other than my own; I had not realized the habit had caught on. Would you like a cup of tea?" The old, ordinary looking man was sitting in the shade of his porch watching the boy. The man seemed unconcerned about the ax which was merrily chopping wood by itself in the yard or the vigorously sweeping broom which was roaming around the porch.

"Well, don't just stand there. Come have a seat on the porch and have some tea." As the boy stood there dumbfounded, a chair and a full tea set on a silver serving tray floated out of the house. The chair stopped next to the old man, but the serving tray came all the way up to the boy. "Come and sit down. We have much to discuss." The boy felt himself walking toward the empty chair, but did not remember telling his legs to take him there.

"My name is Elmin," the old man began. "You will be called 'boy' until you have earned a better name for yourself than your old name Zanthrope Quivermaker. You don't look like a Zanthrope and you do not make quivers. Why your parents named you that is beyond me. Don't look at me like that." he said in response to the boy's astonished gape. "Let's get a few things straight. You are here to learn, and I am here to teach, and I am not going to have your great potential wasted by a quivering idiot. So you better quit being so astonished all of the time."

"Yes Sir. But, could you answer a few questions?"

"Don't call me Sir; my name is Elmin, and yes, I will answer your questions. But first understand that there are some questions I am not allowed to answer. Now ask your questions."

"How do you know who I am?"

"I can't answer that."

"What is this great potential of mine that you referred to?"

"You have a power called Psyonics. You demonstrated this in your encounter with the kobold. It is the ability of the mind to tap into the life force of the body to accomplish an action. It has many of the same uses as magic but magic taps into an outside force rather than an internal one. You have the potential to be one of the most powerful users of Psyonics ever known.

"Is that how the ax and the broom float by themselves? With Psyonics?"

"Yes it is. If you keep catching on that fast your stay here will be quite pleasant."

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