Alchemist- one who professionally mixes chemicals to achieve a set goal. Chemist.

Balista- a large siege engine resembling a crossbow. Usually 10-15ft long it was used in the middle ages to attack or defend castles.

Bolt- a projectile fired by a crossbow resembling an arrow but shorter.

Cleric- a person who lives his life in service to one of the many gods. The cleric recives powers from his god such as detect good or evil to asist him in his duties.

Displacer Beast- a beast of the Underdark. It resembles a black panther, but it has two extra limbs protruding from its shoulders. The extra limbs are equipped with a razor sharp claw each. The actual location of the beast is up to five feet from its appearance.

Ethereal- of or relating to the regions beyond the earth; Celestial; Heavenly; Unworldly; Spiritual; lacking material substance; Immaterial; Intangible; marked by unusual delicacy or refinement.

Ethereal Plane- also known as the Elemental Plane of Air. All indigenous life is made up entirely of air. Visitors to the Ethereal Plane take on aspects of air, mainly being insubstantial.

Gold Elves- Are the most egotistical of the elf races. They believe that all other races are inferior to elves and all other elves are inferior to them. Gold Elves are very rarely seen outside of their forest homes, and outsiders of any kind are not welcome.

Kobald- a humanoid creature covered with fur with a head resembling that of a wolf. 7-8ft tall.

Lich- a magician so powerful that his presence continues on even after death.

Magical Scroll- a parchment enchanted with the power of a spell. The spell is activated and used up by reading the scroll. Magical Scroll can therefore be used only once.

Psyonics- is the ability of the mind to tap into the life force of the body to acomplish an action. It has many of the same uses as magic but magic taps into an outside force reather than an internal one.

Underdark- a series of underground caverns and tunnels. The Underdark stretches for 1000s of miles and runs as deep as 20 miles underground. It has its own ecosystem of life ranging form moss to elves.

Quiver- a specialized pack used to carry arrows. It is usually worn on the back or hip.