Education and Career: An Immigrant's Journey in the Promise Land with Survival Tips

Library of Congress Catalog Card Number 99-096346. ISBN 0-9675988-0-X, paperback, 5.5 x 8.5, 168p, $7.95

This book is composed of two parts: education and career. Part One covers American education systems, including public schools, community / junior colleges, universities and private schools. Academic programs, degree and non-credit classes, job training, and distance learning are also introduced. The author's personal experiences earning college degrees are treated under each academic program. In conclusion, survival tips for newly-arrived immigrants are provided. For students from non-English-speaking countries, it is common to struggle with English during their academic work. The author discusses his own methods and strategies to overcome this challenge.

The author had to support his family and his education by himself, so off-campus employment was necessary. Most of the time he held full-time employment while going to college. Off-campus jobs ranged from $0.70 an hour in 1967 to $2.75 an hour in 1970, and were primarily unskilled labor jobs. More details on the author's student jobs can be found in Part Two of this book.

Part Two: The Career introduces practical ways to handle employment. There are five chapters: 1) How to Find a Job, 2) How to Keep a Job, 3) How to Get a Promotion, 4) How to Quit a Job, and finally 5) Tips and Conclusion. The author's 25-year career in education in public schools, junior colleges, and universities helped him contribute helpful thoughts on career guidance. As a job hunter, he had his share of unsuccessful job interviews as well as successful ones, and as an incumbent office holder, he engaged in many staff searches.

Those coming to the United States from overseas to study face many challenges: lack of income, distant relatives, unfamiliarity with the American education and employment system, language problems, academic pressures, and social isolation. The author's experience, as showcased in this book, show that hard work, self-confidence, determination, persistence, and knowledge can help international students succeed in the United States, both in education and career.

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