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4th of July 2006 weekend at the lake
Vienna to Prague Cycling Trip (July '05)
4th of July 2004 weekend at the lake
Mother's Day 2004 at my brother's
Washington DC April 2004
Some pics from Thanksgiving & Christmas 2003
Pictures of the trailers at the lake.
Tim and Lisa's New House 12/21/02
Birdies at the Lake (July 2002)
Monica and me at Donna's wedding.
   Griffin and the "lake lobster".
   Hannah (my niece) in her Spongebob PJs.
   Melissa, Julie, and me after the Elton John concert in Las Vegas.
   My House (26k).
Postcard of me at Disney.
June 2003
Postcard of Lisa, Parker, and me at Disney.
June 2003
Monica and me at a work party.
Me dressed up as Dorthy from the Wizard of Oz for a Halloween party.
Ziek, Tanya's dog, is my Toto.
Me with the original Eniac. Pretty cool!!!
Chumley. My male dog. Got him on New Year's Day 1994. He was 5 weeks old.
10/07/01 (I guess I should take another picture of him.)
Chumley again. He's a big yorkie, but he's still cute.
Gizmo. My female dog. Got her on Halloween 1993. She was 6 weeks old.
03/28/04 (She's easier to get a picture of. Not sure why though.)

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