Alison's 5th Birthday

Birthdays are doubly special for Alison Palmer. That's because not only does Alison get one year older on her birthday, but it is Halloween too, so everyone is in a mood to party!

In 2000, Alison had her birthday at a special Tea Room in Coppell. All her friends from school got to come and dress up in fancy costumes and have tea and cake with Tigger. They learned some etiquette (not too much, though), had a little parade, and had a fancy good time!

Here is Alison getting into the party spirit.
The parade...
the cake...
the party crowd.

Of course, a special holiday like Halloween means that her school gets to celebrate. Her class had a dress up day and got to parade around the school in costume.

Cinderella was a popular costume this year with all the girls in Alison's class.

And, at last, there was trick-or-treating to be done. After collecting goodies around the neighborhood with the kids next door, we had another little party at home.

Here, Ali is thinking about blowing out candles on that jack-o-lantern cake.
Good heavens, it's NOT a pumpkin!