Lets do again!

Welcome to our2001 adventure!

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Two years ago, Micky and Minnie stole our hearts when we visited the Magic Kingdom theme park in Orlando Florida. Since Sue was in Orlando for the KBIS show already, we decided to make another trip there to see if we could get them back.

This time, our partners in adventure were Carol and Mike, who live in Orlando. They took us to the Universal Studios theme park where we saw some really neat stuff. There was the slick 3D Terminator 2 show, the very cool Back to the Future ride, and the wacky Men In Black ride. We would love to show you the pictures, but unfortunately the periodic storms that we dodged all day got our camera soaked, and the film was ruined. (The camera still works fine, as we will show you shortly.)

The next day was a relaxing "break" day. Sue and Alison did some shopping, and lounged by the pool. Scott went to the beach. At least, that is how it felt on the golf course, where all day was spent going from one sand trap to another. Thanks Mike and Carol for your hospitality.

At last we were ready for Disney World. The excitement builds -- what would Alison want to do first? See the always spectacular "It's A Small World" ride? Bite into a hamburger? Ride the train around the park? No to all of those. Alison wanted an autograph book to collect all the Disney characters' signatures. All of them.

First we saw Chip and Dale and Pluto . We searched Minnie's house, but she wasn't there. So we waited in line to see the big cheese himself...

Mickey Mouse!

Since it was just about time for the parade, we got a quick bite to eat and ate it right by the street so we wouldn't miss a moment. We saw Mickey and all the cartoon characters, as well as floats carrying favorites from all the movies -- Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, Snow White, The Lion King and on and on. Alison even got to dance with fish from The Little Mermaidand some wild creatures from The Lion King.

After the parade, we found Minnie with Goofy and Donald Duck in the big tent. Next door were Cinderella and two of the mice she kept in her room as well as Winnie the Pooh , Eeyore and Tigger . Now that we had the important stuff out of the way, we could go on some rides.

We rode some old favorites like "It's a Small World" and the Dumbo Ride, but we also tried some new things, like the sports cars (Alison steered while Daddy controlled the accelerator) and the Buzz Lightyear ride. Finally, we sat down to watch the fireworks from the balcony of one of the restaurants. At least, that is what we thought before the first shell exploded so high that we couldn't see because of the roof. We had a great view of Tinkerbell, though.

On our last day in Orlando, we did a little shopping at FAO Schwarz. There we saw a gigantic Raggedy Ann doll, an enormous teddy bear and some huge Barbie shoes there. Naturally, we found a few toys too. We wrapped up our trip with a little game of miniature golf. Daddy did better at this, since there were no sand traps around.

Just think, in two more years, we can do it all over again!