Sue Makes a Jungle out of Ali's Playroom.

Ever since we moved into our new house back in 1998, Sue has been itching to decorate. First she turned our kitchen into a vineyard. She stayed up all night painting and stamping grapes and grape leaves all around our kitchen window. It really does look nice, but I have to wonder about all the grapes that keep springing up all around the kitchen walls, cabinets and countertops.

After a number of visits to friends houses who had painted rooms various colors in a number of creative textures, Sue's creative finger began to twitch, and it could not be long before she was headlong into the next project. This time, the target was Alison's playroom. While colorful with all the toys strewn around the floor, those plain walls were just too much for Sue to ignore any longer!

Out came the pencils! Out came the brushes! Out came the dozens of cans of paint purchased from surprised clerks at Home Depot and Lowes! It did not take Sue long to get a plan together. In no time at all, she had the basic mural designed in her head, and several animals drawn on paper. It did not take that long to get the animals sketched out on the walls. (That pesky elephant never did seem to get to be the right size to satisfy Sue's creative eye, though.) Next came the weeks of painting. Did I say weeks? Could have been a solid month - who was really counting?

Now it is all done. Everyone who sees it agrees - it really is a special room. And Alison really loves it. "Thanks, mommy!"