Alison and her parents crammed a lot of big fun into the summer of 1999. From learning how to swim, to catching her first fish, to just playing with friends from school or the neighborhood, the key word for this summer was active.

  Take this photo, for example. At the start of the summer, Ali was head over heels, waiting for the fun to begin.

Next, you will see Alison showing her form in her first dance recital. A very proud moment for the entire family, the only thing that could have made it better is if that hat would have stayed on!

Before we knew it, Independence Day was here! Everybody had fun waving flags, and watching fireworks (from our own back yard). But the most fun of all for Alison was riding her patriotically decorated bike in the parade at her school.

Summer was also a time to play with friends. Here is Alison and our neighbor, Alex, enjoying a summer afternoon under the shade of an umbrella. Clearly, this was taken before the 40+ straight string of 100 degree plus days had set in.

Alison learned to swim, and not a day too soon. When the temperature hit 100 degrees, the Palmer family hit the community pool. Here is Alison with Annie, her best friend from school. They are decked out in goggles and headed for the pool.