Prince of Peace Church is a cell based fellowship. That simply means that our whole identity, ministry and vision is birthed and nurtured in the home cell groups. In the cell we worship, study, pray and minister to the Lord and to each other. The cell is a smaller model of our Sunday morning worship. Most importantly, cells provide an opportunity for us to share Jesus with close friends, neighbors, family and co-workers.

The cells are family oriented and each cell can be comprised of singles, couples, old, young, widowed, divorced, etc. We have no programs (other than cells) set aside for each of these groups. We are a family. The Lord is binding us together in love. As the cell grows in size, it multiplies into two cells. At this time (Summer 1997) we have six cell groups. Below is a listing of the cells, the location, the time it meets and a contact phone number.

Bedford - Wednesday at 7:30 - (817) 354-1547

Mansfield - Thursday at 7:00 - (817) 478-8893

East Arlington - Thursday at 7:30 - (817) 275-0454

South Arlington - Thursday at 7:30 - (817) 468-7825

Carrolton - Thursday at 7:30 - (972) 323-5191

Youth Cell - Sunday - (817) 469-6968

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