Well, howdy there. Looks like you've found your way to the online home of Panther Creek Motocross Ranch! Things are going crazy here, not only with the rebuilding of the track, but with this website as well. Please be patient as we get things in order and be sure to mosey on back every once in a while to check for updates! Speaking of updates, this is where we'll keep y'all informed of everything that happens.

2.14.07 //>> I know what you're thinking, "Only two days and already another update?" Well...yeah. We like to keep things fresh here. The only news I really have for today is that the "upcoming events" page is completely new. The flyer for the Texas Sunbelt Series is posted there with dates and other information. This series is going to be one to hit up this spring, so go ahead and mark your calendars now...we'll wait. More details will be available after the first of March when things become official. We're talking about huge amounts of details, so be ready.

2.12.07 //>> Steady, steady, all the time. You may have seen it already, but I now have current weather conditions at the track over on the left side of the page. This is the best place to see how things look out in west Texas and to check weather status before heading out to the track. I will update everything if weather ever gets bad, but I just wanted to bring this to you so you would know what's in store for the race/practice weekends. I also updated the directions from Midland/Odessa with a more direct route. On top of all of this, I fixed the dates for the series and the practice weekend. I mixed up the first two rounds, but they are switched now and the dates are correct. As for the practice weekend, it has been changed from a one-day shindig to a two-day, all weekend event.That's all for now; feel free to contact me with any thoughts.

2.8.07 //>> I guess y'all noticed that the website changed overnight! It's true, things are looking up for PantherCreekMX.com. If you want to see anything added, be sure to let me know.

2.7.07 //>> For updates on a practice schedule and race dates, check the 'upcoming events' page. I will do our best to keep all of you in the loop.

2.4.07 //>> Panther Creek is proud to be the home of the final round of the Texas Sunbelt Series, which is kicking off on April 15th in Lubbock. We are doing everything we can to make this the greatest west Texas showdown in history, so make sure you don't miss the action!