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As I've added more pages to the web, some people have suggested that I make it easier to find those pages. Also, I have various pages located on different servers with different ISP's. So, to help everyone find my various pages more easily, I've created this index page so that you can go directly to any of them, no matter where on the net they are located.

Thanks for visiting, and I hope you find something here that will be enjoyable and/or useful to you.

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Larry (Mr Audio) Lloyd's Home Page

This is my main home page. It's the first page I created and will tell you a little bit about me.

Mankato High School Alumni Page

This is a page where I'm collecting email and web page addresses of people that attended my high school in Mankato, Minnesota.

Mankato High School Reunion Information

Here you'll find the latest information about upcoming reunions for Mankato High School, as well as a place to search for lost classmates that you might want to get reacquainted with.

Help save Glenwood Cemetary in Mankato.

Glenwood Cemetary in Mankato is in a tough financial situtaion and here is how you can help

Pictures of the Mankato High School
Class of 1969 35th Reunion.

These pictures were taken by various classmates at our 35th class reunion. There are instructions on the page on how to download them.

A History of the Mankato Public Schools

This page has a brief historical summary, originally written in 1935, of the public schools in Mankato, MN .

Letters to the Editor

This page has Letters to the Editor of the Mankato Free Press that they have not published.

Stop Snail Mail Spam

Here are some helpful tips to cut down on the amount of junk mail you receive in your mailbox every day. This is about U.S. Post Office mail, not email.

Mailing List Subscription Instructions

This page contains instructions for subscribing or unsubscribing to any of my email mailing lists. I currently have 9 different lists. Two joke lists, Macintosh ® Issues, 2nd Amendment Rights, Privacy Rights and more.

Macintosh ® Point of Sale (POS) page

This is a page that I've created to help others get information on Point of Sale systems for the Macintosh ® computer platform. This page is also mirrored on a second server. The alternate site is here.

Larrys Shareware Page

This page has a description of and download links to a shareware product called PhoneTech. While I didn't write the program, the original idea for it was mine. It's a Macintosh ® program that will keep trying to dial a busy or non-answered phone number. I do receive a small amount of money if you pay the shareware fee.

Apple Computer ® Internet Resources Page

This is list of various Apple Computer ® web sites. If you're tired of searching all of Apples pages for what you want, these links may help point you in the right direction

North Texas Film and Television Links

Since I work in the film and TV business, I've created a page to list links to others in North Texas in the same industry.

Email Instructions

If you'd like help sending email to and from the Internet and other on-line service providers, like AOL, Compuserve, Prodigy, etc., here are some guidelines that you might find helpful.

The Right to Keep and Bear Arms

A report to the Subcommittee on the Constitution of the Committee on the Judiciary, in the United States Senate, Ninety-Seventh Congress, Second Session, February 1982.

The Cox Report to the US House of Representatives

This is the congressional report on Chinese espionage - or the selling of military secrets to the Chinese by members of the Klinton administration - depending on which political party you belong to.

The Independent Council Report to the US House of Representatives

Here is the complete text of the Monica - oops, I mean the Starr Report (complete with footnotes). I'm sure it needs no explanation. I'm still waiting for the Travelgate and Filegate reports.

Power Computing Page

One time I left the fold and bought a Macintosh ® clone. Read about my dreadful experience with Power Computer Corporation. CAUTION: This page contains some profanity (not mine) .


After my father passed away, his estate was handled by bankers and lawyers. I even had to go to court just to find out what was in his estate. This page is the transcript of that court hearing. If you're from Mankato, you might want to read this because you might recognize some of the names involved.

Larry's Miscellaneous Pages

Everybody's need a place for links that don't fall into any other category. These are just fun sites.

There are a few other subsidiary pages on my sites that are not linked from this page. Have fun and see if you can find them. :-)

This page was created and is maintained by Larry Lloyd. It was last updated on June 25, 2006 and is copyrighted ©1995-2007 by Larry Lloyd. All Rights Reserved.