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The Midtlyng Genealogy Home Page

"Our ancestors wanted to plant a seed and then

to nurture a living family tree

to benefit all beneath it's broad branches."

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Midtlyng Farm Horg NorwayPlease use these pages to...

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The Genealogists

The records of 350 years were brought together in 1982 by Gunda Mitlyng Carlson, Lydia Mitlyng Pokrass, Ernest Mitlyng, Donald Paulson, and Marya Pokrass. Their work comprises almost wholly the information presented in these pages.

James A. Mitlyng, M.D. has created these pages to give the family tree the chance to grow perpetually - with your help!

We can all contribute to this tree.

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Contact Information

Those who wish to help in the evolution of these pages are encouraged to write.

There's plenty to do! Please submit additions and corrections.

Jim Mitlyng is your host and can be contacted by E-Mail.

James A. Mitlyng, M.D.
5928 St Agnes Drive
Plano, TX USA 75093
FAX 972 403 0043


By request - a picture of my family!

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Last modified: August 21, 1997