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Midtlyng Genealogy

Esten Olsen Bordal Midtlyng


"Our ancestors wanted to plant a seed and then to nurture a living family tree to benefit all beneath it's broad branches."

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The Genealogists

Included in these pages are two genealogies collected over decades by Stein Erik Ellevseth and his father Odd Wilhelm Ellevseth, and Tove Midtlyng Lervik. All are descendants of Esten Olsen Bordal Midtlyng who moved to the Midtlyng farm in the late 1700's. Their paternal ancestors are also extensively represented.

Miss Lervik has been collecting this genealogy from age 14 - a lifelong passion. She has had close contact with hundreds of Midtlyng descendants.

The research for the ancestors of Stein Erik Ellevseth and his father Odd Wilhelm Ellevseth has been interesting. Their link to the Midtlyng farm was Rasmus Rasmussen Midtlyng who emigrated to the USA in 1880's. Tragedy befell the family with the death of the wife Sigrid Rasmusdtr Mostein Midtlyng in childbirth in Menomonee, Wisconsin, 20 Jan 1892. Two older sons stayed in the USA as the rest of the family returned to Norway. One was named Rasmus Rasmussen Midtlyng (Birth 18 Mar 1884, Horg, ST, Death: Feb 1968, Fairchild, Wisconsin) whose descendants comprise a large number of Eastern USA Midtlyngs.

Esten Olsen Bordal Midtlyng, his wife, and children are found in the 1801 census data.

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