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Midtlyng - Mitlyng Genealogy

The origin of and the changes to a name over the ages remains a fascinating part of a genealogical study. The topics below are incompletely understood. Please help with your independent research!

Midtlyng Name Evolution
Our ancestors and the naming practices of the past.
The Midtlyng Farm
Notes from travelers who have visited Horg and the Midtlyng Farm.
Rural Book for Horg
Much of any genealogist's knowledge about sites in Norway - and the families that called these places home - comes from historical books kept by senior leaders of the communities. Follow this link for a discussion about these books or, if transfer is slow, here for the same data clipped to this site. Johan Krogstad created a copy of the Horg Rural Book in 1932 and this became the seed for Gunda's and Lydia's booklet produced in 1980.
Other Midtlyng Families

Other known Midtlyng families not thought to be linked to John Halvorson Midtlyng by direct `bloodlines.'

Coming Soon:

The Lyngen - Midtlyng - Oestlyng gaard
A review of the land ownership from 1600 - present. I try to follow the farmer's who onwed the land and how they changed hands over the last 500 years.

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