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Midtlyng - Mitlyng Genealogy


The Name Midtlyng and it's Origins

We can clearly see that the Lyngen name was the origin of the surname Midtlyng. As father passed the farm along to son, sections of the farm were divided and given discrete descriptors. Thus came the Lyngen Midt and Lyngen Oest terms thought to have been commonly used in the community of Horg for centuries.

The Horg Rural Book has references to the name Melengen. Later this spelling was modified. It is uncertain how early the name developed or if this clan was related to the Midtlyng's from which we descend.

The word Lyngen - if found in a current English - Norwegian dictionary - is defined as "the heather." It is not known whether this was a descriptive term used for the land when a Lyngen clan first developed the farm. I find it intriguing to note that a current contour map of the area names the stream that runs through the property as "Lynga." Might the property have taken it's name from the ancient name of this small stream? The Midtlyng farm lies along the stream's midpoint as it runs from a marsh area some km to the east.

Do these practices relate to the "East Lyngen" name? The current location of an Oestlyngen farm does not place it to the east of the Midt Lyngen farm or to the east of the stream.

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