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Midtlyng - Mitlyng Genealogy

This extremely interesting reading is from the church's Rural Book of Horg. It was transcribed by Kaare Midtlyng, an unrelated Midtlyng living at Midtlyng gaard through the 1900's.

Copy of Johan Krogstad’s Copy of the Rural Book for Horg

Prepared by Kaare Midtlyng c. 1969 -Unedited translation

Chronicling farm ownership and tenancy from 1658

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Midtlyng 'Old Property' No. 201

1722: Bakke Cloister Farms

Re: tenant farmers in 1521 see under no. 197 Lyngen. One cannot then find any freehold farm for the Lyngen farms. For the ship tax for 1558 is listed Jon at Molingh at ibid. In 1624 all farmers are named Longhe. Among them there was one Joenn. Already then it was a tenant farmer under Midtlyngen, named with that surname, but more about this somewhere else.

Four years later two farmers are named, Ystlinge, the others Lynge. Among the last ones were two freehold men who paid their taxes, 3 dollars 9 shillings each. One of them was the only freehold farmer at Lyngen, Erish Iffuersen, see No. 197. Melyngen was a freehold farm, so the other one of the freehold farmers, named Joenn Lynge, must have been the Melyngen farmer. Head-tax list of 1645 show only one family there, and Joenn Mellingen is the household head. The others (all more than 15 years): His wife, Olle, Christen, Asbiorn, Guri, Peder and Kari.

The soil-book of 1648 the tax for Midtlyng is listed as follows: For Bache Cloister 4 ore, for Mr. Anders, Melhus 1/2 ore, altogether 1 1/2 dollars. The herd tax for 1657 shows that a Melyngen there were 18 cows and horses, 2 calves and 7 sheep. The soil-book of 1661 also shows only one farmer at Medlonge, and he was responsible for the lease as mentioned. The soil-book of 1648 names the farmer Elleff. The census of 1664 shows that Elleff, 54 years old, runs the freehold farm Melyngen for 3 dollars. Other sales more than 12 years old was a servant, Evend Pedersen, 22. The census of the next year names Elleff, 55 and two young sons: Ole Elleffsen, 12; Jon Elleffsen, 4.

At the turn of the century Melyngen has a young tenant farmer. Before him it seems to have been both a Halvor and an Erik at Melyngen. Of elderly persons at Melyngen who the Church Book includes are: Buried Kirsten Melyngen, 80, in 1690; Siri Frederichsd. Melyngen, 71, Giertrud Erichsd. Melyngen, 47 and her sister Guri Horgen, 62.

At Michaelmas 1694 is christened Erich Melongens daughter Siri. Godparents were Ingbriet Lore, Bronnhild Melongen, Guru Bye. In the fall the woman of Erich Melyngen. Here seems to be quite possible that Erich had the farm, also that Gjertrud Erichsd. Melyngen was his wife and we may also dare to assume that Siri Fredrichad. Melyngen was his mother and was named after granddaughter on mother’s or father’s side.

In October 1698 Halvor Medlyngen and Lauridtz Lyngen’s woman were godparents of Esten Pedersen Ounums daughter Karen. In spring, 3rd Easter Day, are buried four sons of Halvor Melyngen, Joen, Oluf, Peder and Steen. The ages are not listed, but they might not have been small boys. None have been found in the Church Book as baptized, it starts in 1690. It is possible that Halvar had a descendant in her who became wife on the farm.

Fifth Christmas Day, two days before the century ended, they were married, Iver Andersen Melyngen and Ingeborg Halvorsd. In the census of 1701 he is listed as freehold farmer, 30 years old. The son Anders Iversen is one year old. Their servant was Esten Hansen, 50.

In 1719 Iver Andersen Longen, 48 is buried.

Children of Iver Melyngens:

son Anders, chr. 1700 - 9/26

son Peder, chr. 1702

dtr Siri, chr. 1704

dtr Ingeborg, - 1706

son Halvor, chr. 1708

son Jorgen, chr. 1713 - 5/12

The son Jorgen Iversen, b. 1713 lived his later years at Bones in Storen. He died there as a bachelor in 1775. The state probated mentions that he for sixteen years had stayed at Bones, the last ten years in such a condition that he had to be taken care of daily without being able to earn his way. The heirs are two brothers and one sister, or rather their descendants:

1. His brother Anders Iversen who has lived at the place Rosskaftgrinden, but is dead and left behind two sons and a daughter.

2. His brother Peder Iversen, who in marriage to Brunhild Pedersd from Nordstuen left behind one son and two daughters.

3. His sister Siri Iversd, dead, but in marriage to Anders Iversen Lychen left behind a daughter, Ingeborg Andersd, married to Arnt Arntsen Roskaft, tenant farmer at Roskaftflaatten.

To his death Iver Andersen was the freehold farmer at Melyngen, the later years of only half of it. He was buried Sunday Septuagesima 1719, and the war damage tax in March the same year lists for No. 201 Melyngen: The widow Midtlyng, tax ore, 6 sh., damage for 73 dollars, 2 ore 20 sh. The widow retained the freehold farm, while Lars with his half had farmed for many years, possibly since 1705. Lars Midtlyngen, it is assumed was from Nordstuen, Lyngen. In June 1704 Lars Andersen Lynge and Ingeborg Arensdtr Lore were married. July 8, 1706 Lauridtz Nelyngen’s Woman and her little daughter, 14 days old, were buried. 4th Christmas Day, the same year, Lauridtz Andersen Nelyngen and Gunild Pedersdtr were married. She is listed as being 98 years old when she was buried in 1765. Her husband died in 1752.


Lars Melyngen’s children:

chr. 3/22/1705, name missing

dtr. Siri b. 1706, d. 14 days later

son Anders chr. 1707, d 1719, 9 years

son Peder - 1707, 6 years

dtr. Siri chr. 1712

son Nils - 1713

son Joen - 1715, d., 4 years

son Lars - Twin

dtr. Siri - 1718, buried -, 9 mo. old

dtr. Ingeborg - 1721

son Anders - 1724, tenant farmer at Bysflaatten, later farm

Some of the godparents: Anders Lynge, Ingeborg Melyngen in 1709; Ole Olsen Longen, Clara Skielderup in 1712; Halfver and Randi Efjen in 1703; Ole Lore, Kari Longen, Erich Longen and Kari Krogstad in 1715. 1719 was a year of catastrophe for the family, Five of Lars Melyngen’s children were then buried: Anders, 9, Peder, 6, Joen 4, Siri 2 1/2 and Ingeborg, 9 months. As one will see this does not fit in with the list of those christened.

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The Midtlyng Ancestral Farm

Midtlyng, Serial No. 43. (Your Ancestral Farm)

later farm No. 29 and 3

1/2 part of old Farm No. 201

In the Register of 1722 it is mentioned that 201 Midtlyng is abandoned. The same goes for 1723 and 1725. The tax is, as mentioned before, Bakke Cloister 1 dollar and 1 ore, Melhus Parsonage 1/2 ore. These figures are repeated for 1729, 35, 44, and 45, farmed by Lars and Anders, in 1760 and 71 by Lars and Torsten.

We first will follow the half which had the serial number 43. Here Lars Larsen Melyngen became the farmer. He was from the Ne’farm, Lyngen, born in spring 1700. He already had through his marriage connection with Melyngen, possible already acquired the freehold farm. The Church Book shows for 6th Christmas Day 1726: married Lars Larsen Melyngen and Guru Estensdtr. She was from Samdal, born 1703, died at Midtlyng in 1769, 66 years old. Her husband died already in 1751, 52 years old. Their children;

Lars Melyngen:

son Esten chr. 1727, Tenant farmer under Moum

son Lars chr. 1730, Ran the home farm

dtr. Siri chr. 1735, Died at Bysflaatten in 1764

son Ole chr. 1737, Tenant farmer at Bredlimoen

son Iver chr. 1740, Tenant farmer at Fossbakken

dtr. Berit chr. 1744, Married to Mentz Thoresen Volland.

At the tithe-requisition court in the fall of 1737 Lars Larsen Melyngen was required to add to his tithe: 5 quarts of oats, 1 quart of barley, 1 1/2 marks of linnen, 2 marks of hemp and 1/2 pound of rye. Eight years later the tithe for Lars Melyngen was the following: 1 barrel of barley, 2 1/2 barrels of oats, 2 marks linnen, 2 marks hemp and was responsible for five cows. The year he died - 1751 - it was read at the thing the deed that Lars Larsen Melyngen’s obligation of February 4, 1750, issued to Councilman Hans Hornemann for 45 dollars, with mortgage in the herd.

Ottar Fredrichsen Sma-aunum married the widow Guru Estensdtr. Melyngen in April 1752. Already on January 12 the same year he secured freehold farm deed by Counselor Marcus Nissen Hoyer for 2 ore 6 markparts in Melyngen, registered October 9.

Store owner Rasmus Caster in Trondheim has sued some farmers for debts. Among them also the widow of Lars Larsen Melyngen. The case went to court at the summer thing in ‘52, but was postponed for a new suit. At the fall thing her husband represented her (Otter Frederichsen) and he declined to accept this claim because Caster had not presented it when Lars Larsen’s estate was probated. Caster demanded postponement. One can not see that the claim was presented any more. Otter Fredriksen in June 1752 issued a mortgage deed to Councilman Hornemann for 52 dollars, 3 ore, 19 sh. with his furnishings as security. This was erased from the mortgage book July 14, 1757 as fully paid up. We assume Otter took his mother to his home at Midtlyngen. She must be the Marit Estendtr. Midtlyng which was buried at Easter 1767, 79 years old.

Otter Fredrichsen Midtlyng died in 1765, about 52 years old. At the summer thing two years later sheriff Arnt Foss has on behalf of the Probate Judge called in the heirs after Otter. They were requested to tell what they had done with the estate. The secretary of the Probate Judge met to make a register. The case was postponed for additional investigation. The heirs are said to be: The widow Guru Estendtr. Midtlyngen, the oldest brother of the deceased, Esten Fredrichsen Ounum, Erich Smaounum, the sister Kari Fredrichsdtr, and her husband Lars Ounum, Marit Fredrichsdtr, and her husband Peder Saglochen.

The stepson of Otter, Lars Larsen Melyngen, b. 1730, was in July 1757 married to Randi Joensdtr, Valdum, b. 1728. Lars must have taken over the farm earlier. Already in 1756, at the winter thing he is found among the farmers which magistrate Peder Lycke has sued for outstanding property taxes to Melhus Parish. Lars Larsen received freehold farm deed on April 15, 1757 at Counselor Hoyer for 2 ore, 6 sh. for the farm Melyngen. It was recorded on July 14, 1757, and same day the mortgage deed of Lars Larsen, issued June 29, the same year for 60 dollars to Counselor Hornemann, with mortgage in all his possessions was recorded.

Soon the leasing conditions here were ended. The Cloister property was put up for auction and the tenants had priority to buy. Dated November 23, 1762 is magistrate Niemann’s auction deed to Lars Larsen Melyngen for 353 dollars 48 sh. It was recorded on January 28, 1763 and on the same date Lars Larsen’s mortgage deed to Counselor Hornemann for 360 dollars, dated January 28, 1763. Thereby it had happened: the transition to freehold. The six parcels belonging to the Melhus Parish continued to exist.

Between 1786 and 1792 Lars Larsen transferred the property to his son Joen, Lars Larsen lived in 1801 as a pensionist and widower. His wife, Randi Joensdtr., died in 1799 at 70.

Mrs. Gunda Carlson: Midtlyng 7/10/69: I send this information which I succeeded to getting about our joint family farm history. My information does I am sorry to say not go further than to the 1800’s. But I hope it will interest you.


Kaare Midtlyng d. 1979 at Midtlyng Gaard Lundamo, Norway

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