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Midtlyng - Mitlyng Genealogy


The Many Midtlyng Families


Any individual that lived on the Midtlyng Farm may have adopted the name Midtlyng as an identifier. There are many in Norway and USA who trace their ancestry to the Midtlyng Farm yet are not related by 'bloodlines.'

Midtlyng Lineage

Please review a page under construction that will try to trace the lineage of the surname among the male Midtlyngs. The page begins by outlining all of the males who lived on the Midtlyng Farm in 1801.

Major Midtlyng lines identified include:

John Halvorson Midtlyng

Esten Olsen Bordal Midtlyng

Erik Iversen Vald°yen - 1822-1894. Married to Karen Eriksdtr. Bye,1833-1921.Lived on the farm Midtlyng south from 1871. He took the name Erik Iversen Midtlyng. His genealogy may be investigated by writing Tove MItlyng or by seeing the data at the link to the Esten Olsen Bordal Midtlyng where he is found married into other family lines.

Petter Joenson Midtlyng - brother of Halvor Joenson Midtlyng



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Last modified: September 07, 1997