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    2001 R/C Soaring Nationals

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This Section is to sort of get you prepared for the AMA / LSF 2001 R/C Soaring Nationals located   near Muncie Indiana. For a load of fun Plan on Attending.

Cross Country , RES (3 Function), NOS (Nostalgia) Rules       Click Here

  Acrobat Printable  2001 R/C Soaring Nationals Entry Form     Click Here

Acrobat Printable 2001 R/C Soaring Nationals Volunteer Form   Click Here

You will need Acrobat reader that is available from http://www.adobe.com.


2001 Soaring Nationals Event Directors

Event Director-Larry Storie



Contest Director 

July 21, 2001


Dennis Phelan

July 21, 2001


Bob Harold

July 21, 2001

Cross Country

Bob Steele

July 22,2001


Phil Renaud

July 23, 2001

Hand Launch

Marc Gellart

July 24&25, 2001


Rob Glover

July 26&27, 2001 Unlimited Dennis Adamisin

July 28, 2001


Jack Strother

July 28, 2001


Jack Iafret

July 24&25, 2001 Evening

H/L Golf

Mike Stump

    The Support Team

    It takes a bunch of people to bring a quality event to the contestants. These people have committed to help you have a great competition. Please Thank Them.!

    AMA - Steve Kaluf

    Registration  - Steve Siebenaler
    Impound - Marna Jeffery
    Matrix - Cal Posthuma
    Scoring - Steve Meyer / Dan deVries
    Landing Judges - Steve Siebenaler / Jim Deck
    Winch Masters - Larry Jeffery / Bob Massman
    Flite Line - Jim Thomas / Mike Stump 
    Safety Officer - Johnny Berlin
    Awards Banquet Raffle - Surprise guest
    Nats T-shirts and LSF Stuff - Edwin Wilson
    Awards Banquet - Jack and Karen Strother 
    Turn Arounds - Jim Carlton / Dana Flemming
    Internet updating and Pictures - Jim Bacus, Jack Strother, Steve Meyer

    Scale Judges - Joe Hahn, Roy Simpson, Dennis Adamisin

Awards Banquet

The Awards Banquet will be held at the same place as last year. The Banquet tickets will be $25.00 each. they may be purchased at the time of registration or at the Nationals site by contacting Jack or Karen Strother. Children's pricing is still being worked on. The raffle will be for banquet attendees only, and you must be present to win.. More info later.


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